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The 2 Man Game returns… with Forsberg & Flannery

Reminder:  Show is live at 9pm.  Click here to join in!!


The best shows we've had here at Red's Army have been when ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg and's Paul Flannery joined the show and regaled us with tales of the road, the Celtics, and finding burritos in Orlando.

These guys are the best… and together they are an unstoppable radio force.  Well, almost as unstoppable and me and Chuck.  Tonight at 9… the 4 of us will spend an hour on the air talking Celtics and whatever else comes to mind. 

Click here to join in the fun (we'll remind you later, too).  And while you're waiting to hear us yap away tonight… be sure to check out this piece from Mr. Flannery on Mission Hill's Will Blalock… and his quest to hook on in the NBA

Will Blalock, the pride of Mission Hill and a four-year veteran of the professional grind, takes his seat at the end of the Golden State Warriors bench. Barring some extremely good fortune, he won't come remotely close to making as much in his entire career as Wall will get from his rookie contract, let alone his sneaker deal. He's a point guard like Wall, but in every other way the two couldn't be further apart.

Blalock is 26 years old, going on 27, and his NBA career has consisted of exactly 14 games, with his last appearance coming in 2007. In between, he's bounced around from Israel to the Development League to Germany and back again. He doesn't know where he will be playing next year and his future is as shrouded in uncertainty as Wall's is secure.

It's a fantastic piece.  Be sure to give it a read.  Well worth your time.

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  • greenbeand

    after this year this team will need to reload, what FA’s are out there..