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Summer Forecast: What’ll Delonte do?

The Celtics roster is pretty full with the addition of Delonte West.  And now that Delonte is part of the squad, Chris Forsberg decided to toss a Delonte question into the summer forecast.  Simply… what do you expect of him?

Jason Ouellette, Red's Army (6 points, 2 assists, 13.5 minutes per game)

Delonte West may have been the final piece added to what Celtics fans hope to be the Banner 18 puzzle, but he's hardly last on the depth chart. While he won't replicate his performance from his inaugural go-around in green, the Celtics won't (and don't) need him to. He will be behind the 8-ball a bit due to his 10-game suspension, but I think the Celtics will use him as a backup to both Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. West has always been a combo guard, so he can fill in nicely at either spot. Depending on how effective Nate Robinson is with a full training camp, I see West averaging about 10-15 minutes, 6 points, and 2 assists per game. Those are hardly the numbers of a fantasy stud, but this team isn't about individual stats. It's about the collective team, and West's game is perfect for what this group needs coming off the bench.

Chuck McKenney, Red's Army (10 points, 3 assists, 17 minutes per game)

Delonte West will be a major contributor this season. His fearless mentality on both ends make him the perfect role player for this team. I expect him to be the primary backup to Ray Allen, and if Nate Robinson doesn't play well defensively, West can also back up Rondo.

Like I stated earlier today… I don't see Delonte having a gigantic impact on the team.  I'm guessing somewhere in the 7 point range with a couple of assists mixed in.  He'll be one of Doc's yo-yo guys in my opinion.  He'll have a 20 point game somewhere… and then some DNP's.  

What do you guys think?  What can we expect out of Delonte this year?

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  • Luke Walton

    The big question is how quickly will DW be playing with the starters down the stretch of close games.
    Better shooter than RR
    More consistent shooter than NR.
    Taller defender than both rr and nr

  • BRADinLA

    Woah, DNP’s? Really? I see him being on of the first bodies off the bench every game. Guy can ball and you don’t risk his monkeyshines if he’s that low on your list.