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Big Baby hits UStream shirtless, continues to prove he’s walking craziness

(NSFW language in video)

Big Baby is a factory original.  The man just isn't all there.  

We open with a shirtless Glen Davis with some kind of headband eating chocolate cheerios out of a salad bowl with a giant spoon.  Is it me… or does he seem winded by eating and talking at the same time?  At the 11:00 mark, he starts singing and dancing.  At 12:30… 


At 12:30…

At…. oh, you just gotta watch.  It's hilarious and head shakingly insane at the same time.  The freestyle at 19:00 needs work, though.

You get the feeling that if the Globe gave Baby a blog like they gave Paul Pierce… his "what I did this summer" piece would be a lot different than Paul's.  

Oh Glen… 

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  • Orb

    Doesn’t he have a girlfriend? Isn’t it her job to keep him from doing stuff like this? I gave it a minute to see if he’d hit his head on that cabinet door and then gave up.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Speaking for myself, this shit’s getting old.

  • dude what ever he is drink get me a case! and is that wall paper??? come on BBD my trailer doesn’t have wall paper.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Starbury thinks this guy needs help.
    But seriously folks, the only think missing from this is his “best friend” taking a drunken punch in the jaw. This shit is not so much funny as a cry for help. He clearly drunk, high, or both. I only made it through the first 7 minutes but our man KG needs to make this baby cry again and straighten his fat ass out. Not funny at all, not even on the unintentional side.
    Danny, take note. Anyone want a power forward who cant dunk?

  • BigMcK

    He needs a woman. Period.


    Random drug test on the way…
    I’d rather he was working on his mid range game or doing push ups and set ups for the camera.

  • looks like danny or someone at the celtics probably told baby to cut it out:
    Oops – cheerios video was a mistake. Intended to be seen by some close friends. I must have hit the wrong button!!! Sorry. Ayo baby!!!