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Your Morning Dump… Where I’m the only one who thinks KG is the team MVP


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We asked 18 writers from eight of our favorite Celtics blogs who
would emerge as Boston's Most Valuable Player during the 2010-11 season
and fifth-year point guard Rajon Rondo was the runaway winner, with 89 percent of the vote.

many of our panelists grappled with the decision to pick one player,
one going so far as to offer a team MVP selection, the only other player
to garner a vote was Kevin Garnett.

ESPN Boston – Who will be Celtics MVP?

Whoa. Talk about "alone on an island."

Here are our responses to Forsberg's question:


KG is the fuel for the defense. Without him, they can't win a title.


It's a very simple saying that we've been saying for a long time now:
"As Rondo goes, so go the Celtics." Rondo is the engine that makes this
team go. The C's can win if Rondo's off, but the C's can't lose when his
game is on.


Rondo.  I don't think there is any debate.  He came alive in the 2009 playoffs by nearly averaging a triple-double and also nearly carrying the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals sans KG.  It was evident in last year's unexpected playoff run that as he went, the Celtics went.  The easiest way to look at this argument is like this: Which player could the Celtics least afford to lose for a prolonged period of time?  I don't think you need more than a few moments to come up with the correct answer.

understand the argument for Rondo. I
also understand the argument against KG. "They've played without him for
stretches before. He's slipping. He can't rebound."

But.. KG is still my guy. He's the defensive quarterback. He's the swagger. He's the on-court coach. Plus, I'm convinced he'll be healthier next season.

Rondo is the future of the Celtics. A budding superstar. But for next season, on a team loaded with new egos, KG is the necessary ingredient to win a championship.

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  • For the record I also picked KG, but I didn’t make the ESPN cut.

  • newyorkceltics

    I agree with you Chuck, Rondo may be the MVP for the regular season, even some playoff games here and there…but the heart and soul…when push comes to shove…when that championship is within reach – you go with KG.
    Rondo has not yet become a leader, and his other-worldly talents aside, I don’t think he will ever become the kind of leader KG is. Although we might not see the special kind of crazy KG brought to the court during the ’08 run, it’s KG’s presence on the hardwood that elevates this team from simply contender to something truly special.
    You also hit the nail on the head – his personality will be THE key to managing all the headstrong egos that are going to be in the locker room this season. On the court, no-one questions KG.

  • Greenman

    I agree. KG is the silent MVP and will be at his healthiest since his knee injury and he will be the force he was in 08′ but with even more help now.
    Rondo is great and will certainly be a huge factor in winning the title but KG has everyone on the right path mentally and collectively in my opinion.

  • CFH

    KG and silent. Two words that don’t often go together.

  • mileke

    i seriously hope garnett go back to 08 swagga but even if he do, rondo is doin some unpredictable things, but this is goin to be a good year to watch both of em, garnett should be at his fullest this year, lets go celtics !

  • Double P Reppin B

    Rondo is great and when he’s on we are really, really hard to beat. That being said, I still think KG is the MVP. What he brings to this team you cannot put on a stat sheet. He is a pure leader and his presence on the court is the single most important aspect of the celtics winning a title. Like they always say Defense wins championships

  • If Kg is still in his prime, we could sweep the Heat in a playoff series.
    Just recovered from the Finals Shock. Yea can’t wait til next season and we can kick the Lakers ass!!
    Pray doc play more bench and don’t let the starters play that many minutes.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    The Lakers are going to beat the sh*t out of the Suckdics next year. Get ready to watch Gasol work KG again.

  • greenbeand

    KG doesn’t allow breaks. Every position he brings it and I think he’ll be back to 95% which will still crush the league. Looking forward to those who think the c’s can be locked down in a series- bahaha