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Your Morning Dump… Where it’s these guys again

RedsArmyAdmin September 6, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on Your Morning Dump… Where it’s these guys again

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump

The USA has not had to be an impressive team to win in the group play portion of the FIBA World Championships. They have been so much more skilled and athletic than the teams they faced (save Brazil) that they could basically coast.

But entering the 16-team knockout stage of the World Championships Monday things….

Will remain the same. I mean it's Angola.

To quote Charles Barkley from the 1992 Dream Team: "I don't know anything about Angola, but I know they're in trouble." (He then proceeded to throw a hard elbow at an Angolan player during a 38-7 USA run, then explained it afterward saying the guy might have thrown a spear at him. Classy.)

USA v. Angola preview: Charles Barkley was right about Angola, it is in trouble

A Dump about the USA-Angola game?  


Because if there wasn't a USA-Angola game today… there wouldn't be a dump.  Somehow, Shaq hasn't given anyone any interviews in the past 24 hours… so we can't even dip into THAT well.

If you do watch the game… just watch Kevin Love do work.  That kid is stuck in a horrible situation in Minnesota.  Someone's gotta send a life boat, or rescue chopper, or Red Cross dog sled team or something over there.  

And, since we post links here… here are a couple of fun ones.  For those of you who enjoy Delonte/LeBron's Mom jokes… check out the "Delonte Profile" Tyler emailed us.

And if you're interested in Amateur dunkers, go here to to choose 4 finalists for the Sprite Slam Dunk showdown.  Don't know who they are?  Go here and learn more about them all, watch their videos, and then vote

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