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Your Morning Dump… Where shirtless Erden did OK

Erden shirtless Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump

Erden connected on 9 of 11 shots from the field, dominating an undersized China squad that trailed by 26 at halftime after mustering just 13 points in the first two frames. Erden added three assists and three blocks over 27 minutes off the bench. 

Erden is now averaging 10.6 points and 5.8 rebounds per game. 

ESPN Boston: Erden Watch: China

Semih dropped 18 and 12 against China… which looks good on paper.  But it came against China, which isn't a very good team.  And before we get all excited about the 10.6 and 5.8… just keep in mind that Luis Scola is the tournament's leading scorer, with 29 ppg.  Now… Scola's a nice role player in the NBA… but he's obviously not a 29 ppg guy.  

So take all the Semih Erden stats with a grain of salt.  Remember how lost he looked in summer league.

Meanwhile… back at the ranch…

I love Scott Souza's suggestion that Danny Ainge's decision to hold training camp in Waltham could have been a Judge Smails-esque "you'll get nothing and like it" shot at Pierce.  As Souza notes… Pierce did question Danny's moves earlier in the summer.  So… it's not impossible.

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  • Hmmm.. maybe Ainge would do that, and that may be a fun angle.
    I think the move is more focused on sleeping in their own beds and prepping for another long haul season. Especially these ‘mature’ guys, they need their own training staff, own beds, (especially the O’Neal towers, they must have trapeze net sized beds).

  • Onions

    sorry, but scola ain’t a role player…he’s the step between role player and all star

  • JD

    Dude… why is his torso tanner than his face?

  • triumph

    Dude … why are you looking at his torso?

  • JD

    Dude… am I not supposed to notice the picture? Its pretty noticeable.

  • Robby C

    I think its body hair