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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc Rivers needs to find the right combination


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As if Doc Rivers didn't already have his hands full with team chemistry, the combustable Delonte West has been thrown into the mix.

"Chemistry is a delicate thing. I understand that, and I'm as cautious as anyone with it. I guarantee you, I'll be keeping my eye on it,'' Rivers told FanHouse Wednesday evening, confirming the Celtics' addition of West earlier in the day. "I don't know yet if we can make it work. It is going to be interesting, that's for sure.''

"It's not going to be an easy sell, maybe my toughest sell, but I do think we can get it done,'' he said. "If your goal is anything other than winning a championship, you're going to have a problem with chemistry.''

"We've gotten a couple guys who have had some problems. Nate has had problems, Shaq has had some problems, Delonte, too,'' Rivers said. "But I think we're getting them at the right time. They're not coming to be stars. They are coming to be role players trying to help us win a championship. They'll make a difference.''


Delonte will do whatever is asked of him. His issues have always been off the court. If he can keep himself mentally healthy, he will be a fabulous addition to the Celtics bench.

Doubters continue to raise the issue of chemistry with the Celtics. I'm pretty confident it will not be a problem. Why? Because all of the Celtics "problem" guys – are coming off the bench. They are small contract role players and know it. It's not like the Celtics added a cry-baby superstar who needs to adjust his ego to accept a reduced role or completely revamped their roster and have 10 guys who need to learn to play together. That's Miami's problem.

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  • G4L

    Is that chuck in the background?

  • Forgot Delonte is missing the first 10 games, and I also forgot he came off the bench with Shaq… good to keep in mind.
    Still would love another 3.

  • thetitleisours

    I hope the team will not regret this

  • Watch it G4L or I’ll revoke your Hall of Fame membership!

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Your Morning Dump: Where Doc looks like he is a crackhead in a meth lab

  • Lee in Oregon

    Doc & KG will keep order in the house.
    I expect at least one training camp brawl between Delonte and Von Wafer. Nate could take them both at the same time though.

  • mileke#1celticfan

    i like delonte, von wafer, rondo, garnett, & shaq, or delonte, ray allen pierce, glen davis & shaq, or nate, delonte, von wafer, glen, & jermaine, but its alot of choices that we have !