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Delonte’s coming back

RedsArmyAdmin September 1, 2010 Uncategorized 24 Comments on Delonte’s coming back

Well what do you know… the rumors were true

Delonte West is coming back to the Celtics.

A league source confirmed moments ago that the former Celts guard is prepared to sign a free-agent deal with the team.

According to a source, West will sign a non-guaranteed contract and will be on hand when the team begins camp this fall.

So we want to thank the people who passed along tips.  Looks like all the Delonte sighting were accurate. 

It's an interesting signing for the C's. The're bringing in a guy who can hit the jumper and play some D… but might not be the best fit for the team right now. 

Then again, he's better than Larry Hughes and the other re-treads that are out there.  

So to celebrate… here's the Delonte KFC rap.. which is NSFW.  

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  • chuck


  • Celtics4Life

    I like it!

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    Great News!!!

  • jared

    not thrilled…too short. too crazy…oh well, go Celtics!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.


  • daemian

    I agree: too short. I thought we needed a 3. Now we have a surplus of backup 2s. I mean like a surplus. Someone has to go. As far as I’m concerned Von Wafer is now unnecessary. I do like delonte’s d and his shooting. And I like crazy. But now we must drop or trade someone. And we still need a proper 3.

  • I liked Delonte when he played for the C’s, but he really just is not the right guy to add rigght now. He has talent, and will be a good backup guard, but the problem with the Celtics is that they have solid backups everywhere but at small forward. I’m glad to have him back, but this is the wrong offseason to sign him if they don’t follow up with a backup for Pierce.

  • Danno

    Lebron’s Stepdad. LOL.

  • Orb

    How much would you pay to watch a reality-show of the Celtics’ locker room this coming season? $100? $200? This is the greatest bunch of mismatched nuts I’ve seen in a long time. Fantastic.

  • Yes! Welcome back to Beantown Delonte!

  • Viva


  • mollysdaddy

    Sorry, but don’t we have Daniels as back up at the 3? He played more minutes at the 3 than the 2 last year and our defense and winning percentage were both better (according to
    Delonte is a great fit I think. His D at the 2 is decent enough. He can bring the ball up. He can shoot and drive. Sure he’s a bit unstable when not taking his meds but it seems to be on this team you have to be old, unstable or both.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    BWHAHAHAHHAHA – DELONTE WEST!! Now I’m really not worried about the Suckdics, Delonte West is one of the biggest cancers in the NBA. Enjoy guys! HAHAHAHAHA

  • mollysdaddy

    How can a guy who roots for a team that took a chance on Artest sit and admonish another team for taking a chance on a guy to be a ninth or tenth player?
    Also, Suckdics and Celtics really don’t sound that similar.

  • gabz

    Can we please put a mic on Delonte every time we play the Heat?
    I’m not a big fan of DW, but I do hope that he turns into a LeBron killer.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Easy, Ron Artest is a former NBA defensive player of the year. What has Delonte West done in his career (besides carry a bunch of guns in Maryland)?

  • Robby C

    Wouldn’t be surprised if LeBron took an interest in posterizing Delonte every time down the floor. Just sayin’

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    Its ok Delonte’s nuts were in Lebrons moms mouth so Im sure Lebron is going to try and kill the Celtics every time they play which would play into the Celtics favor. He’s going to try and do so much the rest of his team is going to stand around and just watch.

  • who da guy


  • who da guy

    delontes nuts in lebrons moms mouth!!!! fuckkkkk yess!

  • Lakerhater

    theo ratliff ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Johny

    Could’ve done way worse.

  • Joseph 17-16 (It’s just a matter of time)

    Do you think Delonte is going f*ck Ray Allen’s mom next? HAHAHAHAHA
    DELONTE WEST & MARQUIS DANIELS!!! HAHAHAH Where NBA garbage happens.

  • Leo

    Good pickup by you guys. You got Shaq and Delonte for peanuts.