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Danny: “I’m a fan of Delonte”

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"I'd [make the Delonte trade] again, of course, but we really liked Delonte when he was here. Even though we knew the issues and the challenges he needed to take care of, we also think Delonte is in a better place today than he was the day he left. He wasn't perfect, but we still liked the player."

[…]"There's a familiarity with the roster and a familiarity with the players," said Ainge. "Paul [Pierce] and Rajon [Rondo], especially, were big fans having played with him. I'm a fan of Delonte."

ESPN Boston: Celtics to re-sign Delonte West

I liked Delonte back in the day as well.  And I'm glad, in many ways, that he's back. 

Take a look at this roster.  These are all guys that will deserve minutes (I'm leaving rookies off).  Look at all the players on here with significant experience (number of playoff games in parentheses):

PG:  Rajon Rondo (64), Nate Robinson (17)

SG:  Ray Allen (101), Von Wafer (13), Delonte West (34)

SF:  Paul Pierce (101), Marquis Daniels (47)

PF:  Kevin Garnett (96), Glen Davis (55), Jermaine O'Neal (81)

C:  Kendrick Perkins (68), Shaquille O'Neal (214)

That's a combined 891 games of playoff experience for this team.  That's almost 11 full NBA seasons worth of combined playoff games for these guys.  

So the addition of Delonte West gives the Celtics 12 players on the roster that legitimately deserve floor time.  Twelve. Of course Perk is hurt so that knocks it down until playoff time.  But it's not like he's not playing in the playoffs.  Doc has been adamant about the "our starting 5 has not lost" thing.  

This means the rotations are going to be interesting.  There's no doubt, though… this team is DEEP.  A series against Miami is going to be like a boxing match between a big, knockout puncher and a guy with a cement chin that won't go down.  The C's will just send waves of players at teams.  Hell, they're almost going to be a hockey team… subbing in lines of guys on the fly.  It's going to be nuts.

Danny also announced today that the Celtics would be travelling all the way to nowhere for training camp… having decided to just stay in Waltham.  Sorry, Paul Pierce… your wish will not come true.  

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  • Great move. Delonte will replace the speed, athleticism and quick scoring punch off the bench that we lost with T.A.’s departure. I also like the fact that he is already tight w/Doc, Pierce, Ainge & Shaq. I do not see him having any “off-court issues” this year. Solid pick-up for us.

  • CFH

    I know Delonte was a nice player for the C’s his first time around, and there were plenty of times he was the next-best player for the Cavs after LeBron.
    But there’s a better chance of Marquis Daniels’ body staying healthy than there is of Delonte’s brain staying healthy. Something is broke there that no one has managed to fix yet.

  • michael

    Hey, Chris Forsberg mentions the site by name in his article. Nice plug!

  • I was right about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    Wack. I wanted rudy. We should trade marquis and delonte for rudy.

  • I was right about the Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    I also think that’s kind of BS that they didn’t go w/ peirces suggestion…

  • I cant wait to see nate, delonte, von, and big baby on the floor at the same time… talk about unstable and electrifying.
    can this be his image in the banner?

  • Lee in Oregon

    I wanted Rudy too. Delonte’s better than Nate or Von Wafer, those guys will lose minutes. The team is kinda 2-guard heavy but Delonte is a good back-up for Rondo. We dont have to waech TA dribble off his foot anymore.
    it’s a good signing but I’d rather they got someone who can play at the 3.
    I hope KG lets him know he better fly straight on this team and not be driving around wasted eating chicken. At least not tape it and put it up on utube….

  • Lee in Oregon

    ps……”Dear LeBron…..fuck you. love, Danny”

  • greenbeand

    final off-season grade: A-

  • Steven

    I like this move. He is crazy but if any team can take it, it is this one.

  • Great signing by the C’s. West may have his issues, which make him a risk, but on a one (or two) year deal for the vet minimum, Ainge had to sign him. I think West is now the back up SG ahead of Von wafer, what do you think?

  • I like the pick up fine, but i dont like the blatant homerism that because hes a celtic he wont get in trouble off the court

  • Wow!! Where have you been hiding my friend!? Long-time no see..Anyhow, call it what you want, but it's very clear to me that Mr. West had zero problems here in Boston. Seems like in Cleveland perhaps management wasn't supportive enough. People tend to act out like that if they're not comfortable. DWest should ber very comfortable in the familiar surroundings of the 617 and the familiar faces of Celtics fans, Danny, Doc & Paul Pierce.

  • You make many good points, and I like delonte, and even want to agree with you…but hes bipolar, and if he goes through a manic or depressive stage its not gonna matter who his general manager, coach or teammates are.
    Him getting in trouble while with cleveland had little to nothing to do with his teammates or management.

  • Mileke#1celticsfan

    okk signing delonte west was the last best thing possible for the celtics this offseason, i believe this was the 2nd best move for the celtics, think about it, the lakers crushed us in rebounds in game 7, Rasheed lost wind, & Big Baby just aint big enough, thats where shaq comes in, ya, he’s not the dominant scorer that he used to be, but he is a monster in that paint, aint no getting pass him offensively, jermaine oneal can handle the scoring, until perk get back, then another problem, rondo was playin over 38 mins agame during the playoffs, so by game 7 he was just too exausted, now i love nate robinson, & i’m glad he’s a celtic, but he’s just too inconsistent, so he gave little to no help that night, thats why delonte west was a better move than von wafer, delonte west on court is very consistent, no matter what his problems are off court, thats why its good he can be surrounded by influences such as kg, ray, paul, doc, & danny, this situation couldnt be no better for delonte !