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Another unsubstantiated Delonte rumor

I'm going to pass this along with one huge caveat:  This is an unconfirmed email we just got.  It says Delonte is at New England Baptist Hospital right now getting a pre-signing physical.

Again… this is an unsubstantiated rumor that may or may not be true.  I have a feeling that if Delonte was in town, someone somewhere would have seen him.  But we'll pass it along just in case.

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  • please pay off the rumored physician to fail him in the physical

  • CFH

    Does he have to pass a mental exam too?

  • Lakerhater

    why would danny be looking for another guard? Sign and trade?

  • Don’t know. Maybe. Seems odd… but Delonte’s name keeps popping up.
    You’d think some journalist somewhere would have seen him, though

  • he is kinda crafty unless he carrying weapons or ” A WIRE HANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • the-facts

    This would actually be good signing. his a 6’4 combo guard. he will replace tony allen. his a better scorer and a real good defender. they will use von and marquis as a small forward to back up pierce. we need a player his size to play on kobe and wade. just incase ray allen get in foul trouble we can use D-west. von wafer is a good player but his not a good defender like D-west is. so danny bring D-west to beantown.

  • I can’t really visualize Delonte on Kobe. There’s a good chance I’m missing something, I just don’t see it at all. Tony Allen is pretty strong, so is Pierce and they both guard Kobe… I see West getting crushed by Kobe. Again, maybe I’m misremembering his play with the C’s if he guarded Kobe.

  • greenbeand

    minus the 10 game suspension, dwest is worth the vet min. does this mean lebron will be in town for thanksgiving?

  • the-facts

    tony allen is not a strong defender, he used his quickness to recover when he get beat by his opponents. and he has great hand. maybe you don’t remember D-west when he was a celtics. D-west doesn’t have that much of a quickness but he has great hands and he’s a smarter player than tony and his capable of guarding kobe and wade. he’s the best option in the market right now. larry hughes is injury prune. we are not going to get that kid in portland and we’re not getting j.r smith from the nuggets.

  • chuck

    The Boston Herald is reporting that he’s apartment hunting in Waltham. Anyone have an old Delonte jersey?