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Summer Forecast: The final roster spot

I love late August.  This is the time where discussing the 15th spot on the roster is a meaningful, important discussion.

So with that we head on over to for the latest installment of the summer forecast.  Today's question… who will fill the final roster spot to start the season?  Featured today:  MrTrpleDouble10

Unless Danny Ainge can pull off a deal for Rudy Fernandez, I think this spot remains open for now. Larry Hughes would be a decent addition as well, but Ainge might opt to keep it open heading into the season.

I'm with Jay… I think Danny's history tells us he will go into the season with that spot open just to have some flexibility.  7 of the bloggers polled agreed with us.  Chuck however, is not one of them:

Rudy Fernandez. Because I'm an optimistic guy who thinks Danny Ainge will secure the shooter this team needs.

Certainly possible.  5 bloggers agree with Chuck.  But Tony Gaffney is up there… and Delonte's name is too.  As always… go check out everyone's rationale.  Lot's of good opinions there.

What about you guys?  Do you think Danny fills that last spot or leaves it open?

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  • thetitleisours

    I wanted to see Sims, but one of the Carrols, Janning or Rodney Carney as second choices. But now that I think of it Tony G makes a cheap option if he can play some SF.
    I forgot about Lester Hudson. he was a shooter in college. Just has not been given a real shot yet. Wish we had 16 spots so we could bring him back.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Can someone tell me when Larry Hughes became a “shooter”? Von Wafer is more of a shooter than Larry Hughes. How is that old man still in the league when he was washed up 3 years ago?
    They need a swing-man! (Which Rudy can play, albeit he’s more of a guard).
    If the choices are Larry Hughes or Delonte, I’d leave the spot open.

  • It wouldn’t be terrible getting Rudy Fernandez, and he is definitely the best option among the remaining free agents… but I think his success for the Celtics would be similar to Marquis Daniels’ success so far. No one else mentioned can back up Pierce at small forward, and they may have to make due with Daniels, Wafer, Ray, and maybe even Harangody rotating in and out. Or maybe we should get Carmelo

  • greenbeand

    dwest and lebrons mom for the veteran min would be great

  • MikeinNYC

    haha – we should pick up delonte just to mess with lebron. no danny, larry hughes is terrible and even more terrible as a shooter. i did hear that dude with all that tats on Denver (SMith?) was on way out. he’s be a great scorer of the bench.

  • 24/8

    Flexibility is fine but I think this year is abnormal. Because of the Heat. I think most teams that were simply worrying about the Lakers’ front line and how to deal with that now really have to worry about the Heat because somehow Miami seems to be grabbing every useful free agent. The other teams are now so afraid of the Heat, who haven’t played a game together yet, going undefeated or winning the Championship in the opening week of the season that they have to scramble to sign every player that’s available, if only to prevent the Heat from getting them first.
    Fernandez is good but a whiner. Do the Celtics really want that guy on the team? They’ve already got Shaq to fill that slot. But what if the Heat grab him first somehow and that comes back to bite Boston in the ass during the season? Can you imagine the Heat beating the Celtics during the regular season and it was because Fernandez sunk the game-winning shot? What to do, what to do…

  • 2 words: Rashad McCants. Has everyone forgotten about this guy..??