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Your Morning Dump… the search for a shooter and training camp site

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

With reports circling about interest
in fiery if disgruntled Portland guard Rudy Fernandez, Ainge
acknowledged that he was pursuing trade options, though he wasn’t sure a
deal would fall in place.

just continuing to explore available players and trade possibilities
and see what sort of options are there,’’ said the Celtics president.
“There are some trade discussions that we’re having. I don’t know the
likelihood of those happening, but we’ll continue to not rush into
something unless it’s something that we’re really excited about.’’

Ainge is considering Pierce’s suggestion.“We
haven’t made a confirmation on that yet,’’ Ainge said. “We’re looking
into the different possibilities, and Doc and I are discussing where we
want to have training camp, what’s best for our team.

think he has a point. I’m not so sure that that’s the only way to bond
together as a team, but I certainly understand where he’s coming from.
There’s always a lot of factors in training camp, and we certainly try
to do what’s best.’’

Globe – With a spot to fill, Ainge is looking

Aside from talks with Portland about Rudy Fernandez, I'm not sure what additional trade possibilities are out there. The Celtics may still have a 1st round pick on the table, available for Portland to grab in exchange for Fernandez.

Ainge is also exploring different locales for training camp. I wonder if he'll consider my suggestion.

On Page 2, the ESPN expert predictions.


Chris Sheridan, Boston Celtics.

If they had had Kendrick Perkins and a healthy Rasheed Wallace in Game 7, I think they would have won at Staples. Pau Gasol was just too much for them down the stretch. But now they'll have Jermaine O'Neal, too, to check Pau in a deciding game. I still think they need to replace the departed Tony Allen, but it's a long time between now and the trade deadline.

ESPN Summer Forecast – Champs

ESPN's math might be off, because Chris Forsberg also picked the Celtics to win the title.

I understand the love for the Lakers and Heat, but Orlando? Am I alone in thinking they got worse in the offseason (Quentin Richardson for Matt Barnes)? Vince Carter proved to the world in May that he's incapable of clutch post-season play and he's still on the roster.

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  • gustusias

    all this must make marquis d.feel great. if ainfwe is still searching and even considering a trade, then he too must not be too enamored with either the poor defensive wafer or the frail and too often injured daniels. the best of all trades made will still leave them behind the heat. the heat will be tough and it kills me to say that.