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NBA 2K11 is a sneaker-head’s dream

2k11 jordans

A lot of us are excited about NBA 2K11's release in a little more than a month.  For starters, Michael Jordan is in the game.  And now… as The Gamer reports (via Ball Don't Lie)… he's taking his shoes with him.

"There are two legacies of Michael Jordan, his playing and his brand," explains "NBA 2K11" producer Erick Boenisch. "And for this game, the Jordan brand guys at Nike were finally asking for us to incorporate all of their shoes into our game. This is something we wanted for years, so we were really excited that this year with Michael, they really got on board with us.

[…] as gamers play through "NBA 2K11" they will constantly be rewarded with new pairs of cyber shoes. There are 40 shoes total in the game including 25 pairs of Air Jordans along with the CP3s, Melo 5s, and other shoes from the Jordan line to fill out the closet. But it's not about scoring 80 points in a game or grabbing 22 rebounds in order to unlock certain pairs. It's all about time invested.

That's right.  Play NBA 2K11 enough and you'll eventually get every pair of Jordans.  My favorites are the Jordan XI's… which is a very popular style that was pretty much reproduced as the Jordan Element (worn by Ray Allen).  

Sometimes I'm just amazed by how far these games have come.  I remember when I was a kid and my neighborgs got an Atari.  I stared in amazement cuz Pac Man was on their TV.  Now we're drooling over signature kicks in a game that damn near requires a double-take to be sure you're not watching live ball.  

Anyway.  I'm old.  After the jump, the music that will accompany you as you play 2K11 for hours on end looking for those Jordans.

Via Operation Sports (and thanks to Jeff from Project Spurs)

1. Snoop Dogg – NBA 2K Theme
2. Big Boi – Shutterbug
3. Drake – Over
4. Cassidy – Game Time
5. Ron Artest – Champion
6. Duck-Down All-Stars feat. Buckshot, Skyzoo, Promise, and Sean Price – Better Than You
7. The Alan Parsons Project – Sirius
8. Art vs. Science – Hollywood
9. Big Rock Candy Mountain – Rocketship
10. Brunettes – Red Rollerskates
11. Chicharones – Little By Little
12. Children Collide – Skeleton Dance
13. Constellations feat. Asher Roth- We're Here To Save The Day
14. Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi – Symphonies (Remix)
15. Delorean – Deli
16. Ev – Home Of The Brave (Instrumental)
17. Failsafe – Hope & Only If We Learn
18. HOGNI – Bow Down
19. Kidz In Space – Downtime
20. Middleman – It's Not Over Yet
21. Rakaa feat. Aloe Blaac – Crown Of Thorns
22. The Redland – So Far
23. The Russian Futurists – Paul Simon & Precious Metals
24. Sonny Bones – Rise
25. Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk
26. Yung Autmatik & Bayroot Productions – Go Hard or Go Home
27. Dux Jones – Pourin' It On

NBA 2K11 drops on October 5th

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  • Steven

    Check out NBA Elite by EA. They revamped the franchise from the previously pathetic NBA Live. I am looking more forward to that than the 2K games this year (although, MJ is a huge draw).
    The main innovation in Elite is the dual stick control. They are implementing similar control that completely revitalize the NHL series (now my favorite sports game ever). Check out the video here
    Btw, I am not a EA homer, I hate Madden 🙂

  • The appearance of MJ and his kicks in this game will probably make it the biggest selling sports game ever. People will be ripping this off the shelves. $#it, I’d like to buy it and I don’t even have a gaming system/console.

  • gansta g

    hey i think you made an error. lol
    as a jordan head the shoes ray allen has on are not the XI’s, but the Jordan Elements. they look similar but are diff.
    Nice try though lol and i cant wait till the season starts

  • I smell a ‘favorite Jordan shoe’ bracket to fill up the dull days. Along with another cheerleader bracket.

  • Hey. I think YOU made an error lol. Re-read the part where I say the Jordan xi was essentially remade into the Jordan element that ray Allen wears.
    Nice try though

  • Reg

    Hey author, good work. It sounds like this commenter works for EA. An article completely about 2k11, and you come along to plug EA right at the end. I would hit the delete button.

  • Steven

    Nah, I don’t work for EA. I love NHL series, and the producer (Littman) behind revitalizing the series (before 07, I was a big fan of NHL 2K series) is behind the NBA Elite. I am not saying Elite is better than 2K11, since I have not played both. But I am more excited about Elite this year than 2K11. That’s all.

  • Will

    Actually he was saying that Ray Allen was wearing the Jordan Elements. Not that he was wearing the XI’s.

  • I love Jordan Shoes. It is my favorite shoes for sports and traveling. It sounds like it is the biggest selling shoes in the market.