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Kelly Dwyer gushes over Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett ranks 8th in BDL's Power Forward rankings. As you are about to discover, Kelly Dwyer has a huge man crush on KG:

Kevin Garnett is just about the best power forward I've ever
seen, so it hurts to rank him this low. But when he fell off last year, and you
saw it, the man fell hard. At his peak? No doubt, perhaps still the best in the
game at times. But those were just times. They popped up enough to keep us
around, but they were merely times. Pity.

I'd still trust him, above anyone else, to guard that screen
and roll.

I'd still trust his voice, above anyone else's, to tell me
where I went wrong. I mean, I know I went wrong, but I'd really like to hear it
from a guy who has been paying expert attention since the fall of 1995 to tell
me just how I went wrong. If he
wouldn't mind.

I'd still trust him covering my guy and his, somehow, at the
same time; especially after I predicted a zig, and my guy zagged.

I'd still trust him, turning over that right shoulder, going
baseline with the turnaround jumper.

I'd still trust him, down there, guarding any name you want
to throw out there. Names 1-through-30 on this list. Go ahead.

I still know that he's the best all-around player of his
generation. Better than Duncan, better than Kobe, better than Shaq. In the era
after Bird and before LeBron, nobody put it all together like KG.

Enjoy him, please, in 2010-11.

I haven't seen that kind of man-love since John was cyber-stalking Leon Powe.

As for the list, I'd take KG over #7 (Josh Smith), #6 (Carlos Boozer), and even #3 Amar'e Stoudemire.

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  • Boozer?!
    Ranked waaaay too high. KG is right about where he should be. I predict he moves back up that list this year.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’d still take KG for 1 game over alot of those guys. He and “Timmy” are hands down the best of their generation.
    What the hell has Kevin Love EVER done? makes it hard to take seriously with him on there. I can think of way better without even trying starting with Rashard Lewis.

  • nicole ferraz

    aww so cute. i love them

  • jared

    I have very high hopes for Kevin after having a full summer to workout and a full training camp. Other peoples lowered expectations will only fuel his desire. Also, no need really to play the 5 spot at times should help as well.


    I think Dwyer had KG as his player of the decade not long ago.