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Doc, it’s August… Just Move On

At least that's what the majority of NBA fans are feeling right now.  SLAM Magazine's website likes to conduct a "Polladaday" to gauge the collective feelings of NBA fans.  Typically it's centered around a trending topic in the world of hoops and today's poll is in regards to Doc's recent (and reiterating) claim that his starting 5 has yet to lose a playoff series.

As John pointed out today, count the venerable Ron Artest as one Laker who will have none of the cookies that Doc is baking.  Personally I welcome this sort of vitriol amongst rivals.  Since the growing boom of AAU teams and assembled "high school" teams, as well as superstars spending more and more time together in the off-seasons, this type of REAL rivalry is about as common as a T-Rex these days.  The fact that it's Celtics and Lakers makes it exponentially better.  We should all embrace the rage and relish that it's returned to the forefront of the NBA.  Well, at least it's right up there as one of the main NBA story lines.

Here are the poll results as of this afternoon.  While it's not a huge sample size it's interesting to note how the votes worked out.  It's almost as if anti-Celtic fans had two options to choose from.  Funny how the majority of them would rather have Doc pipe down instead of having faith that their own team still would have defeated the Celtics with a healthy Kendrick Perkins.  Would a healthy Perk made up the minuscule 4-point difference?  Sadly, we'll never know.


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  • Lakers Fan

    Conveniently glossing over the fact that Doc made this misstatement: “Our starting five against the Lakers starting five has a ring?” Seriously for a minute, can you imagine Phil Jackson blaming Bynum’s ’08 injury in August of that year for the loss? Ariza’s?
    I expected more from Doc. He actually outcoached Jackson through a good part of the series and is a top notch coach. This pettiness does not look good on him.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    This has got to be the dumbest comment you have said:
    “It’s almost as if anti-Celtic fans had two options to choose from. Funny how the majority of them would rather have Doc pipe down instead of having faith that their own team still would have defeated the Celtics with a healthy Kendrick Perkins.”
    Of course people are going to vote for you guys to get over it because you guys are the f’n crybabies that keep dwelling on the Perkins injury. Even that greasy faced loser of a coach can’t quit b*tching about. GET OVER IT!!! YA LOST!!! And Perkins wouldn’t have made a f’n difference. He did jack sh*t in the first 6 games so what makes you think Game 7 would’ve been different?
    Your last two sentences are even more examples of how you *** won’t get over:
    “Would a healthy Perk made up the minuscule 4-point difference? Sadly, we’ll never know.”
    If you b*tch fans are going to keep griping about Perkins, then its FREE reign for Laker fans to bring up the fact that the Lakers were without TWO starters for the ENTIRE 2008 series (not just ONE game). And don’t give me this sh*t that Ariza was available that series – he was coming off a broken foot that kept him sidelined for 6 months.

  • Boston 17 – Los Angeles* 11

    Of course..the first two comments are from Faker fans.

  • Straight outta LA

    now here comes the real lakers fans!!!! woooo rings rings rings!!!!!!!!!!! arent you guys just GREEN with envy?????? hahahahahahahahaha

  • And of course their posts contain typos, misspellings and references to *********

  • PPsucks……..since 1980 10-4

    And of course youre the only person who points out typos and misspellings on a BLOG……..and again youre the only one who points out the dick references

  • PPsucks…….since 1980 10-4

    why does everyone think Perk is a good player??????!!!!!!!!!

  • 24/8

    Hey, come on, Perkins is a good player. One of the Celtics’ best defenders and solid, no ego or off-court hang-ups. He’s all work.
    But the question brought up at the end – “Would a healthy Perk made up the minuscule 4-point difference?” – is idiotic. Of course he probably would have made up that point difference. Only it wouldn’t have mattered next to the non-minuscule 18 points that a healthy Bynum would have given the Lakers. So if you play “what if” then you have to have healthy starting 5 vs. healthy starting 5 and no way the Celtics overcome that.
    So, Celtics fans, be happy that the beating was only as bad as it was, be happy that Kobe had the worst night of the series in order to give the Celtics a last-minute shot at another Championship. So close.
    Or be sad that even with Kobe going 6 for 24 that the Celtics still lost. I mean, how much more of a handicap can you reasonably expect? At least this year Rondo will be well-rested.

  • Ever heard of an apostrophe?

  • Ariza was NOT a starter in 2008. He started the season in Orlando, right? And he was hurt for 6 months (as you say.) So how can a guy who started the season in another uniform and was injured for 6 months be called a starter and a key piece of a championship caliber team?
    He can’t.
    Same goes for Bynum. I can’t believe Lakers fan don’t even know their own team.

  • larry

    you have to understand that doc has alot of pride, he probably was speaking out of frustration…to get that deep into the finals, to be leading 3-2 and then lose your starting center, that’s alot to overcome. but, i agree there are some things you just don’t day in public, i would use it as motivation for the next season…as far as phil jackson, he says alot of stupid stuff as well, but he gets a free pass because he’s been doing it longer..

  • larry


  • thetitleisours

    Funny now that the situation is turned Laker fans seem to have amnesia on how they behaved back in 2008
    They are suddenly good sports and choir boys now 😉

  • jclaudepok

    LOL its KENDRICK PERKINS not kg, paul pierce or Ray allen. Bynum punked his ass the whole series on one knee. Its KENDRICK PERKINS

  • Champ

    Big Mck,
    You are correct about Ariza not being a starter, but Bynum was the starter from the 10th game of that season until he got hurt.
    So Grease Face Doc’s lame statement is NOT TRUE.
    It makes this offseason so much better knowing the Celtics and their fans are all about excuses and whining. Keep it coming.
    Loving it!!

  • haha

    He could type however he wants…Just because the Celdicks lost, you guys have nothing better to bring up but grammar…Typical Douche’s…lol

  • hahah

    Lol isn’t it ironic that Lakers fan cannot bring up 2008 yet the celtics can bring up 2010?
    Look whose whinning now?

  • PPsucks……..since 1980 10-4

    haha pathetic Celtic Fan……if you want to play the grammar game i say you look at your first post…….DUMBASS!!
    YOU WANT APOSTROPHES? ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””’…..THERE YOU GO ASSCLOWN

  • thetitleisours

    It is just you guys think your crap doesn’t stink. You complain about whining now when you should have heard you guys a couple of years ago

  • thetitleisours

    Honestly injuries are part of the game. You go with what you have. “What if’s” on that account do not mean anything as it may not have mattered. No way to prove it, right? Not worth debating those scenarios. Either in 2008 or 2010
    Stick with things like bad ref’s 😉

  • haha

    Its like vice versa now. Couple years ago you guys said we couldnt complain about bynum’s injury not being a factor, but now you guys complain Perkins was the difference maker. I know Perk would have been good on D but, with a healthy bynum that year, he would also have helped our D.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Ariza was brought to the Lakers to be the starting small forward. Ariza was traded for very early in the season (November to be in exact) because Walton and Radmonovic weren’t cutting it. Unfortutnately, he fractured his foot in January was out technically until May (5 months), when he played a few mins against the Spurs in the western conference finals, but clearly was out game shape so Phil Jackson rarely used him. If healthy all season, Ariza was the starter.
    Also, the very next season, with the same three small forwards (Ariza, Walton and Radmonovic), Ariza STARTED.
    The same does NOT go for Bynum, he was the starting center in the 2007-2008 season until he hurt his knee in Feb 08 and never came back (that includes not being available for the FINALS).
    Facts a**hole, look it up.

  • Ariza averaged 3.3 ppg in 2008 before the trade. Prior to that season, he spent most of his career as a reserve averaging about 5 points per game. Don't inflate his impact.
    As for Bynum, he was routinely benched by Jackson for lackluster play on the defensive end and on the boards.
    You are the one ignoring the facts.

  • thetitleisours

    Playing “What if” is a common theme among fans.
    Personally I just whine about ref calls.;)
    Injuries are part of the game. If you think you would have won if you had the missing guy then he shouldn’t have gotten injured (sarcasm intended). In other words since the alternate scenario of that guy playing cannot be proven to have made a difference then it is ultimately meaningless. Other guys may have played differently with them in there. You never know.
    So one could say we would have won with Bynum/Perk. Answer? “Prove it” 😉

  • Straight outta LA

    WE WON. GO LAKERS!!!! sorry i missed the parade yall had in boston…i was at the one in LA! woot woot!!! eat my ass!!!!

  • Ronnie

    Bynum was a starter – get your facts straight & there was no bitching about from the Lakers