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Celtics bloggers are drunk on green Kool-aid

Today's topic in Kris Forsberg's Summer Forecast is How will the season end?

Three bloggers – Kris (ESPN Boston), Greg Payne (Celtics Blog) and Brandon Paul (Gino's Jungle) have the Celtics winning the title. You can add John to the mix:

C'mon, man… they're going to win it all… because I'm genetically programmed to say so. 

Ok, ok, ok… I DO think they'll win it all… but for more legitimate reasons than bleeding Green.  

Familiarity.  This team knows how to play together.  It's funny that
you don't hear that argument much in the NBA but its the first thing you
hear when people talk about why international teams are so good.
 "They've played together so long… it doesn't matter that their talent
isn't as high as team USA."  Yet in the NBA, all that's overlooked and a
mega-team like Miami is suddenly crowned champs.  The fact is, The
Celtics key players know each others' tendencies inside and out… so
it's easy to integrate a couple of bench players.  

Depth:  Once Perkins returns, they'll go into the playoffs with the
deepest front court in the NBA.  They've also got a ton of depth at the
guard spot… so even if Rondo or Ray are hit with early foul trouble…
the C's can turn to Nate Robinson and Von Wafer and manage pretty well.

yes, they've got the talent to get it done.  Hopefully KG's leg is
better the further he gets from surgery… which will be a huge help.
 And Rajon Rondo's experience with Team USA should bring some new
wrinkles to his game that will help him grow as a point guard and be
even better this season.

Two more have the Celtics advancing to the Finals, while four others (including myself) place the Cs in the conference finals:

Boston will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, at the very least. By replacing Matt Barnes with Quentin Richardson,
I don't see how Orlando will be able to beat Boston in a seven-game
series in the conference semifinals. The Heat will advance to the
conference championship and face Boston in an epic series. Who wins? I
have no idea.

By not picking a winner, I'm essentially saying the Heat will knock off Boston. Call me a coward, but I wasn't capable of typing it up at the time.

I intentionally spelled Forsberg's name wrong. It's payback for him screwing up my last name in his post.

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  • Shawn-cvd

    I’ll oblige. You sir ARE a coward for not picking the C’s over the Heat. If there was ever a year that the Heat could not put it all together it’s this first year. Heat still are lousy at Center, PG and on the bench. MLE’s will fill those gaps in the years to come but they can be exploited right now.
    Barring injuries the Celtics are Champions next year.