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Summer Forecast: 2nd or 3rd Seed

Once again, it's time for our portion of's summer forecast.  Yesterday, I predicted 55 wins for this upcoming season (Chuck, by the way has 56. Jay has 58).  Today, the panel of bloggers figures out what seed the C's will end up with.  Jay (MrTrpleDouble10) has the C's finishing 2nd in the east.

Although the East got collectively better overall (Miami, Chicago, Milwaukee), the Celtics have two things in their favor. 1) They're in the Atlantic Division, which their magic number to clinch is zero, right now. 2) With the Superfriends forming in Miami, Orlando's stroll to a Southeast Division title is not as easy now. Factor in that the Hawks, Charlotte Bobcats and an improved Wizards team all reside in that division, I can see Miami and Orlando having a bigger battle for the division title and a higher seed. With that being said, I see the Celtics ending up as the No. 2 seed. Remember, it's not essential that they have home-court advantage in the playoffs as last season proved, but last season was a huge NBA anomaly. It rarely happens that a lower seed advances as far as the Celtics did and it's usually not a wise approach to take.

I have the C's finishing third, as does Chuck.  Slight improvement from last year… but a nod to Orlando's usual regular season success.

Of course, follow the link for perspective from other great C's bloggers… and chime in with your own opinion in the comments.

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  • Tony

    No, my friend. We are finishing FIRST.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I’m not so shure. I still think we’re still not as competitive as the last year.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    ops…I mean “sure”!

  • Shawn-cvd

    @Caterpiller…I think the C’s are as good if not better. Only pieces we lost from last season’s start was TA, Sheed, House and Perk (to injury). At training camp this year will be the O’Neals in the middle, Nate Robinson, Wafer and the rookies. Let’s not forget intangibles of KG’s (knee)and Baby’s (stupidity/broken hand) improved health and Daniels’ defined role. As far as regular season goes (which determines seeding) this team will be overshadowed by the Miami cHEAT and we know the Green play best once dismissed.
    2nd seed sounds right to me especially if KG is fully mended.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I hope you’re right.
    But I’m not so sure about the O’Neals: compared to Sheed (at least the one of the playoffs) and Perk (will be back fully recovered for the season??), I think we’re losing something in terms of talent and strenght at the boards. TA departure is not a joke, and the rookies – of course we’ll see..
    Go C’s!!!!!!!