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Avery Bradley: The Next Monta Ellis?

As the NBA has entered its semi-hibernation period, it's safe to say there hasn't been a cornucopia of Celtics news going around.  Recently, SLAM Magazine's Tzvi Twersky caught up with Celtics rookies Avery Bradley and Luke Harangody for a few lay-ups.  Among them we find out that Bradley's favorite team growing up was the Seattle SuperSonics, his ankle is healing nicely and the team has been drilling him about playing some hardcore defense.  He also notes how Boston is "one of the first places in the United States."  Not bad Mr. Bradley.  After all, Massachusetts was the sixth state to be admitted to the union.

The best question/answer was probably the last one:

SLAM: Do you see your game as similar to anyone who’s already in the League?
AB: Umm, Monta Ellis. A lot of people say I play like Monta Ellis. Russell Westbrook. That’s about all I get.

It would be interesting to know just whom exactly made those comparisons.  Monta Ellis is an undersized two-guard that has exceptional offensive skills, but he's hardly known to play any semblance of lockdown defense.  It's also interesting that this comparison is made since there were rumors during the trade deadline that Monta Ellis was involved in some Ray Allen trade idea concoction.  I'm not sure I buy the Russell Westbrook comparisons either.  Unless they were referring to his speed and quickness (and not his size) then maybe that could work. Either way, if Bradley's defense is more akin to one of the superstars from his favorite team, Gary Payton, that would be even better.

Luke Harangody can't seem to escape being part of a green and Irish-themed team, but he's loving it:

SLAM: Could you have landed in a better situation than Boston?
LH: I don’t think so. Everyone I talk to says this is gonna be the perfect fit for me, so I’m very happy with where I landed.

SLAM: From the Notre Dame Irish to the Celtic Irish.
LH: I know! That’s what everyone says. I can’t get away from the green. (Laughs.)

Considering where the Celtics picked in the draft, so far it seems Danny Ainge could have done a lot worse with his selections.  With that being said this is a championship driven team and since the New Big Three Era, Doc has had a penchant for not giving rookies much run.  That may change however, if the C's fail to sign a reliable backup at the wing position.  It's definitely a good thing when you can have two quality rookies added to a team that's readily competing for a title.

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  • greenbeand

    no pressure from expectations on either to perform- hopefully they absorb and make an impact

  • Lee in Oregon

    Monta IS known as a good defender. Nellie will prob deal him because of it, but the guy D’s up pretty well.

  • the-facts

    monta ellis i don’t think so, the kid hasn’t done nothing yet. well the celtics don’t think of him that way. because they have been trying to trade him for a wing man.

  • john

    why the hell would they trade him hes got insane potential