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Eddie House will have his vengence

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"That stung a little bit," House said. "When you feel like you're a main part of what the team is doing and you're on a mission, to get the rug pulled out from under you and get sent to a team that has no shot . . . that kind of hurt."

"I'm coming for you man. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat their children. Praise be to Allah!"

…. or something along those lines.

Eddie didn't like being traded away from Boston.  And very often when someone says "that kind of hurt" in the paper… up in his head the sentence usually continues with " and I'm gonna make them pay for it."  Although with Eddie there are probably a few f-bombs that accompany that sentiment.

But Eddie's got other things to worry about… like himself.  his last season here in Boston was very un-Eddie like.  His FG% dropped from 44.5 to 40.1 in Boston (I'm excluding the Knicks numbers… which were much worse).  His 3pt FG% fell from 44.4 to 38.3.  If you want to move into the advanced stats, his effective FG% (adjusted to account for the fact that 3's get 1 more point than 2's) fell from 57.9% to 50%. 

The point is simply:  Eddie struggled shooting-wise last season.  He might find himself a little more wide open this year considering his teammates… and we all know how prone he is to heating up VERY quickly.  He's a threat.. which is often enough to get the job done… but at some point he's going to have to start knocking shots down again to back up that threat.

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  • Rich


  • Rich


  • Lakerhater

    You beat me to it. Ray has to be salivating at facing Eddie “El Matador” House when he’s on with the second unit. PS – Eddie, just thought you should know, Posey was a way bigger pece then you were in 08. Just sayin.

  • ILG

    Rondo is also thinking….
    “Come on Eddie make my day, guard me on opening night the entire time you’re in.”

  • CFH

    I (heart) Eddie. Really. I’ll always cheer for him if he comes into a came in the Garden.
    But. All he could do well was shoot, and he was in a slump. The team was in a slump. He was traded for a younger, much more versatile player. It was good business and the right move.
    Of course, I don’t expect him to go around saying or thinking that. You can’t play pro sports if you go around with that mindset.

  • jared

    its a shame he cant look back and remember the great things he did for us..In the end, he has noone to blame but himself for underperforming.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Can you call it a slunp if it never ends?