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Doc Rivers won’t give the Lakers credit

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

Number one you gotta congratulate them because they won. They still have not beaten our starting five. Our starting five against the Lakers starting five has a ring. Tell him (Lakers fan and ESPN 980 radio show host Doc Walker) don’t forget that. We will be back strong and Perk (Kendrick Perkins) will be there next year if there’s a game seven.

Doc Rivers is correct. But… the Lakers were not exactly 100% healthy (Andrew Bynum's knee boo-boo) in the Finals. I'm prepared for Lakers fans to take a break from their criminal enterprises and defend Boo-boo Bynum in the comments section.

Doc also spoke on Shaq's pick-and-roll defense:

He won’t change our style because we want to run. We have a saying,
let’s try to score in the first six seconds and if not you try to
execute the heck out of them. We’re gonna try and run, get easy baskets,
and then wait for Shaq to come down the floor. My biggest concern
honestly coach is defensively because every time Shaq comes on the
floor, everyone is going to run pick and roll and no one has been
successful in figuring out how to use him and I’m no smarter than anyone
else. That’s all we’ve been focusing on this summer is trying to figure
out what we’re going to do in pick and rolls when he comes into the

Wrong, Doc. You are a lot smarter than Shaq's previous two coaches – Mike Brown and Mike D'Antoni.

You will figure it out.

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  • Doc Rivers

    wait a minute, let me retract what i just said… Our starting 5 did not beat the lakers starting 5 in 2008; Bynum was out for that post season.
    Oh yeah, with Bynum in the line up after 08 finals: our record is 4-7 (reg and post season).
    we suck penis

  • LakersBlow

    Why do the people of LA not realize that Minneapolis has more titles than them? Stupidity?

  • Champ

    Thank you for clarifying that lakersblow.
    Your comments and incredible insight really stimulate my brain matter.
    I feel I am a better person by reading your in depth analysis.
    Thank you.

  • Lakerhater

    Sadly, based on most of your previous posts you probably did experience personal growth from reading that.

  • PPsucks

    Maybe because its the LAKERS franchise! you dumbass….dont matter what city

  • PPsucks

    BTW you guys havent beat our starting 5 either

  • Champ

    Aaaahhhhh I feel my brain atrophying, need more knowledge and insight from lakersblow NOW!!!!!!!
    Where are you?
    He’s probably deep in his research think tank.

  • Celtics absolutely would have won game 7 had Perk been healthy… they just wouldn’t have blown that lead with the extra big man and the rebounding they needed. Look for them to get back to the finals this year with a very strong lineup, and dominant bench that is fully broken down in my Breaking Down the Bench segment. The Lakers should be worried, and the Heat have a lot to prove. Celtics in 2011

  • Laker3peat

    Doc will be muttering those words on his deathbed….”They still have not beaten our starting five” and “I was this close to being let into “the club” …sorry doc, one n done.

  • The Truth

    Thats why I am moving later to Europe peeps. I know we won’t get out of the 2nd round next year, and the next 2 years won’t get any better, so I am giving myself an out…. its time you celtic fans be truthful to yourselves…I know, I’m from L.A., and we had our fun, but the Lakers are just too much for us…REALLY! Don’t beleive me? Check out last years game 7- we quit even though we had Kobe on the ropes, we just didn’t have anymore left in us….Wheres Garnett…I need to give him his meds and its time for his nap…

  • YourMomma

    reds army **** ***

  • CFH

    This is why you don’t need the shoutbox… any time you want a visit from some predictable semi-literate Laker trolls with no lives, you can just make a post like this.

  • doubtit

    your last year as contenders. Enjoy it. The fall will be swift.
    The Celtics have never beaten the Lakers starting 5 in a 7 game series.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Don’t call people dumbass, dumbass.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    And you **** ****.

  • ILG

    I don’t understand why they feel the need to read Celtics news, and then comment about it.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    With Doc’s thinking, the Lakers starting five are also undefeated since 2008. In the 2008 finals, the ***** played a Laker team that was without their starting center (Bynum) and without their starting small forward (Trevor Ariza).
    In 2009, the Lakers starting five (Kobe, Fisher, Gasol, Ariza, Bynum) won the championship and this year (2010), the Lakers starting five (Kobe, Fisher, Gasol, Artest, Bynum) also won the championship.
    So whenever the Lakers have their starting five in tact, they don’t lose. Well said Doc (you greasy faced mother f’er). HAHAHA.

  • LakerTard

    I disagree with your interpretation, RedsArmy.
    Because I am a LakerTard fan who has deep insecurity issues based upon the fact that my fraudulent franchise has been owned by the Celtics for the last 50 years.
    And even when it hasn’t, I still troll over here because my penis is small and time passes slowly in my single mom’s dad’s boyfriend’s meth-head’s double-wide mobile home’s basement in El Segundo.

  • I knew as soon as somebody read this to them that the Laketards they would be here in force.

  • semi-literate? My aren’t you kind.

  • I notice that the Laketards can never post with out mentioning the act of ******

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    This coming from a hick that can’t count “uh der, 11, no 16”. I guess there is so much inbreeding one can do in the heartland.

  • Joesph tell your Mommy to put her crack pipe down and tuck you in Ok. Oh an 17-11 little Crack baby.

  • PPsucks

    i think i juss did bASS

  • PPsucks

    LMAOOOOO!!!you guys act like Perk is a good player

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    I will if you stop kissing your sister in that hick town of yours. And no, you can’t run off to your first cousin either.
    Oh and 17-16, even the NBA, you know the league the two teams play in acknowledges this. I know you’re trying so hard to accept it, but its true. It’s just a matter of time before the Lakers have the most NBA championships, even more than your precious

  • jared

    We should all just take a step back and calm down.
    Basic human compassion dictates that we not blame those unfortunate enough to be born in a smog infested hellhole for their misfortune. It is not their fault. Decades of pollution/oil drilling leeching contaminates into the environment is scientifically proven to cause birth defects, stunted growth, cognitive deficiencies as well as a host of other maladies. To blame the victim in such a circumstance is wrong and always will be. Its our duty to help them, which is why I am starting a campaign to declare the LA/Orange County area a Federal Superfund site so that finally, we can dig up the city, sift out the generations worth of garbage and contamination, and start all over again from scratch. I say this because I love you LA. Just like in the song. I Love LA!

  • PPsucks…….since 1980 10-4

    as long as we can start a campaign to dig your head out of your ass

  • Lake Show

    Trey Kirby layed it down.
    “On the other hand, if Boston can petition the league to only count games in which the expected Celtics starting five takes the court, we might be looking at the first undefeated team in NBA history. It might only be for six games, but still.”
    Why not mention of 2008 Rivers? The fans invest their money, loyalty, and trust into the franchise and you…; Give them their proper diagnosis Doc.
    Then tell them shit happens and the side affects of of dedicating your attention and eyes upward to the rebound of the ball, especially pertaining to 4 & 5’s, are the following…
    Landing awkwardly on teammates &/ or opponents legs or feet resulting in a dislocated knee cap.
    200+ Ibs. teammates &/ or opponents falling into your legs knees or legs in general.
    Simply unfortunate landings in which nothing but 360 degrees of air surround the knee of one of the more consistent future Hall of Famers.
    And then of course you got the scenario where 2/3 most prototypical heavy weight centers go at it aggressively like they should and it results in a sprained knee with sprained MCL and PCL ligaments.
    I’m mean come on Doc if we’re talking history here than lets speak on 08 where we didn’t have our starting 3 & 5. Radmonivich & Walton on Perice. I’ve seen Finals MVP’s won in better fashions.
    Shit, you can throw 09 out the door if you please.
    You couldn’t get away from C’s fans talkin about the Bynum – Perkins match-up building up during the playoffs on Redsarmy. Neither could you get away from a dip shit LA fan talkin a gang of shit. Some of the best material came from many of the frequent readers regarding the Center match-up and as we saw, it didn’t bode well for them considering in their eyes; they had a comfortable advantage.
    The stats were somewhat similar with the advantage going to Drew, yet this on a bunk knee since OKC at about. 60%- 70% and now this talk Rivers?
    I like Doc to much for him to be talkin like this. And now the front offices response to Perkins being out is Shaq & Jermaine?

  • I knew Lakers fans would play this card.
    Bynum wasn’t a clear cut starter in 2008. He was horrible defensively and Phil Jackson couldn’t trust him enough to give him minutes in crunch time.
    Ariza was a role player acquired early in the season. He was never a starter.
    Frauds. Do you even remember 2008? Actually, I would have forgotten everything about watching Game 6 of the Finals, too.

  • < <>>
    you guys never won more than 6 over any continuous 20 year period you would like to select, dumbass.

  • larry

    no one knows for sure if the c’s would have won the championship without perk..but, clearly in game six they weren’t prepared for losing him and the lakers took full advantage of his loss..but, i fully believe that if perk played in game seven there is no way la gets 25 offensive rebounds.!in spite of all of that, they still could have won that game….they just couldn’t hit a shot.

  • celtics, TSSSS.

    bottomline, you lost.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Hey, but at least we don’t have those annoying, unintellgible accents.
    Errhaa, that’s wicked errahha, where’s the cawww, erahh. Those Bawwston Celtics, errahh, were only good in the 60s errrahh. Since that tiwme, errrahh, we have been mediocre, errhaa, at best. Wicked, errahha.
    Also, we have better looking women than Bawwston. And they don’t have that annoying accent.

  • Lakerhater

    LA is not full of unitelligable accents? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha stop your kiliing me. If this post doesn’t get you in the Redsarmy hall of fame there is no justice. I have always counted you amongst the most malignant of the Lakertrolls, but you sir have established a new standard. My most heartfelt congratulations joseph, you are the embodiement of a true laker fan.

  • Straight outta LA

    And we WOULD HAVE won in 08 IF Bynum were healthy. And we WOULD HAVE won in ’04 IF Malone were healthy.
    And we WOULD HAVE won in 89 IF Magic and Scott were healthy.
    And we WOULD HAVE won in 86 if that shot hadn’t gone down.
    And we WOULD HAVE won…
    This is fun. I could do this all day!
    man celtic fans are pathetic!

  • ShowtimeTake2

    First a couple of facts. Bynum WAS the starting center when he went down in 07-08, and was averaging a double-double. Kwame brick-hands Brown started the first 10 or so games then got benched.
    Trevor wasn’t a starter until late in 08-09 when Phil’s favorite space cadet, Vlad, was salary-dumped.
    So Doc is wrong, neither team has beaten the other’s starting 5.
    That said, even with Drew (very raw), the Lakers still would have lost in 07-08. Most Laker fans felt positive after that season, given where we started from. I don’t know anyone at that time who thought that with Bynum we’d have won.
    I hate the Celts and the Heat, but at least I respect Beantown’s squad, so best of luck to you, and hope to see you in the finals (best 2 out of 3 to end the argument).

  • steve

    A healthy, even raw version of Bynum is still better than 8 pts and 6 rebounds garbage Perkins. Rasheed Wallace was better on both ends than Perkins would have been.
    Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda. Waaa, Waaa!!!

  • Lakerhater

    yeah what he said! The lakers are awesome and kobe never raped that b#tch. If andrew bynum were healthy he could stop global warming. And now that they have theo ratsh#t and matt “slappy” barnes nothing can stop them. Omg the whole league is running scared and the media won’t stop talking about them. Wait….that’s the Heat..nevermind.

  • Straight outta LA

    after making only two trips to the finals after years and years of crappy boston basketball, yall fans start frontin’. yall are pathetic. lemme guess you started watching basketball three years ago huh? Modern Boston fans are equal to bitch Heat fans. Lakers have ended the decade the same way we started it. winning championships. Stop celebrating the victories from the 60s, none of us were born to watch them play. They were great, yall aint the same

  • Straight outta LA
  • Lakers Fan

    Not sure how Celtics fans can defend this comment. As you correctly pointed out, what Doc said is clearly wrong–the Lakers did not have their starting five in 2008. There’s no arguing facts.
    The Celtics were the tougher/better team in ’08 and deservedly won. The Lakers were the tougher/better team in ’10 and deservedly won. Accept that you got beat, give the Lakers their credit, and let’s have another legendary series in the finals next year.

  • Lakerhater

    Yeahhhh….let me see three years ago thats pretty close….you remember Havilchek right? Jo Jo White? Paul Silas? Dave Cowens? I would quote you some fakers from my formative years but you see my friend they were soooo f#cking irrelevant in the 70’s I don’t recall them. You know when Lew..ahem I mean…Kareem was still with the bucks.
    You kids are the kobe come lately’s who, how did you put it “front” about being a dynasty for the ages based on recent history and of course adding in ancient history from Minnesota. Lemme guess you thought the league was founded in 1982? The Lakers have had some good teams but there’s a whole lotta of meaningful basketball you haven’t seen. Ask your parents, get a book from the library but get educated.


    listen to you celtics make excuses, doc says lakers have not beaten celtics starting 5, but its the other way around doc’.. you have not beaten the lakers starting 5…… stop making excuses…celtics lost face it

  • Best dressed guy in all of LA!

  • PPsucks…..since 1980 10-4

    another dumbass……..ok look its not the city you play in its the NAME of the franchise which in this case its the LAKERS….soooo the LAKERS franchise has 16 championships…..i know youre an idiot so maybe you wont understand this either!

  • PPsucks

    you are an idiot

  • Sorry but even as a die hard celtics fan, this is one of the dumber things Doc has Said
    Vladamir Radmonovic and Lamar Odom were starting in the 08 finals, they had no Artest, Bynum and Trevor Ariza at the time was about 50%

  • gdtwo4

    f*ck doc rivers whinny ass baby you aint gona win sht!t next year you should just retire

  • thomaskvu

    uhhhhh…07-08 Andrew Bynum Games Played=35, Games Started=25. 13.1ppg, 10.3rpg, 2.1bpg. Check your facts before you make false statements like that. It’s called

  • thomaskvu

    Your statement almost doesn’t make sense. It’s like almost not even a sentence. Are you trying to say, “The Minneapolis Lakers have more title than the LA Lakers?” For the record, the Lakers while playing in LA have won 11 championships and 5 while playing in Minneapolis. WIKIPEDIA. USE IT. PLEASE.

  • thomaskvu

    Bill Russell’s Celtics have never beaten a Lakers team led by Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, and GAIL GOODRICH (and coached by Bill Sharman). Deal with it.
    (Yes, I’m being sarcastic…making fun of the absurdity of your excuses)

  • thomaskvu

    Um, I guess that’s a comeback. Well the Celtics have never won 20 championships in a span of 80 years. In other words…who cares?!?! You have us for now, 17-16. Just stick to that. Anything else you bring up will just sound retarded because everything can be skewed in every way.

  • thomaskvu

    word. We also WOULD HAVE won if Frank Selvy hit that baseline jumper in Game 7 in 1962 against the Celtics.

  • thomaskvu

    Kareem was traded to the Lakers in 1975, he didn’t spend all of the 70s with the Bucks. Fact-check yourself before you wreck yourself. You should spend more time in the library, and you know, get educated.