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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo struggled

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

When you made the change from Rondo to Rose gave more options to players in the game:

Well I think it wasn’t just Rondo, I think our team did not push the ball in the first quarter. When we got Derrick (Rose) in and Russell (Westbrook), the tempo of the game picked up for us. We were playing a very slow tempo and if we do that then we’re not going to have a chance to win. We have to play a little bit faster tempo. Then in the second half I thought Rajon did a good job of doing it. So our bench came through for us – Gordon, Westbrook, Rose, Rudy Gay, they all played very well coming off the bench.  Postgame quotes – Mike Krzyzewski

Coach K is being nice.  Rondo struggled in this one.  So much so that Coach K started Russell Westbrook in Rondo's place to start the second half.  

We've seen it from Rondo before.  He'll fall into one of those passive states where he's just not pushing it and imposing his will on the game.  In the first half… particularly the first quarter… Team USA was content to shoot jumpers and they paid for it.  They finished the quarter down 15-7.

In the second half, Rondo picked up his defense and USA picked up the pace.  They finished with a 77-61 win, but Rondo only put up 2 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 steals and 4 turnovers in 14 minutes of play (full box score here).  

Here's the problem Rondo will face:  He tends to shy away from physical front lines.  And that's all he'll see in international play.  They'll stack bunch of trees into a 2-3 zone and dare the US to shoot… so Rondo's going to have to find his way around those guys.  And there aren't going to be many bail out calls either, so he can't fling himself into the middle and hope for a whistle.

So it was a struggle for Rajon.  This was really his first good test… overseas, hostile crowd, actual FIBA rules with international refs.  He'll have to make a big adjustment.  The good thing from a Celtics fan's perspective is that we now have a baseline for Rondo against which we can judge his progression over the next couple of weeks.  

If he can figure this out quickly, then he'll learn some of those lessons we're hoping he'll learn and bring them back to training camp.

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  • greenbeand

    not trying to sound arrogant here, but i can’t understand why the US doesn’t dominate every minute..

  • MSL

    It was a ragged game all around (though I do take notes on your analysis regarding Rondo and physical front lines).
    I would also like to think though, it was also the style and tempo that Lithuania was going to have us play. Everybody played terrible that game, except for Westbrook and Gordon. Lithuania was just that physical.
    I think Rondo wouldn’t of been excellent in this game against Spain. But he did not play. We’ll see!
    The Greek game should be another tough one for Team USA.

  • MSL

    PS: I watched that game the many times it was broadcast, and I didn’t see Rondo push it any less than Rose did and when the US made their move, Rondo was on the court.
    Like I said, it’s too bad he didn’t play against Spain, cause that game was tailor made for him.

  • Ryan

    Yeah, let’s not go overboard, here. Rondo wasn’t RONDO, but he didn’t play terrible. USA just missed shots–a lot of shots, Kevin Durant in particular. And when Rose and Westbrook and Gordon came in, they were aggressively seeking out their own shots and since LI had nothing in the backcourt, it was a successful move in the short term. But long term, the USA will have major trouble if it continues to rely on non-point guards who can only isolate their ways into scoring opportunities.
    Rose came up big against Spain down the stretch, but his floor game was atrocious. If KD had shot as badly against Spain as he did against LITH we would have lost by 15 points….but I doubt people would have been killing Rose for that loss (if it had happened). Just like with the Cs, Rondo catches the blame when his more talented teammates don’t shoot well, yet when Rose shows zero inclination to get his more-talented teammates involved in the offense the focus then is on how easily Rose can penetrate and score and not on how ill-suited he is as a point guard…