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Theories behind Rondo’s DNP vs Spain

Via John Schuhmann of

After starting the U.S. Team’s first three games (including the close scrimmage vs. China), Rajon Rondo did not play on Sunday. We’ll have to see what the explanation is from Krzyzewski. Perhaps, he wanted to get a good look at Stephen Curry, Eric Gordon and Russell Westbrook before he has to cut one of them. Or perhaps it was a little gamesmanship, not letting Spain get a feel for Rondo’s game.

Either way, it robbed us of our first opportunity to see a Rondo-Rubio matchup, a damn shame.

In our previous post, MSL says Rondo's DNP was something Coach K talked about earlier in the week. I cannot find any corroborating reports.

UPDATE (via Chris Forsberg on Twitter):

Coach K on Rondo's DNP (and Granger's): "Those are two veterans and
young guys haven’t had a chance to start… so before we select our 12
we needed to give everyone a look."

2nd UPDATE (via Schuhmann responding to my twitter question):

Sounds like he wanted to give the bubble guys a good look.

Mystery solved.

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  • ILG

    Really wish Rondo would’ve played. He would trash Rubio on both ends of the court.

  • MSL

    Yeah. This would of been the perfect game for Rondo ILG.
    I wish he would of played in this type of free wheeling game, which he would of excelled in, instead of against the bruisers like Lithuania and probably Greece. Rondo would of ran circles around those guards.

  • Danita Cozart

    The ENTIRE point of me watching the game was to see Rondo! I was thoroughly disapointed seeing him sit with his hand on his chin the whole game. Well, we still got the win without him, barely, that’s what matters. Coach K had valid reason, so Ill forgive this time.