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Rondo sits vs. Spain

RedsArmyAdmin August 22, 2010 Uncategorized 11 Comments on Rondo sits vs. Spain

Team USA just wrapped up an 86-85 win against Spain in an exhibition in Madrid… and they did it without Rajon Rondo or Danny Granger playing a single second. 

Now comes the guessing game as to why.  There are no reports of injuries and these guys haven't played so much that they need a day off. 

So there are a couple of theories as to why Rondo sat:  the coaches wanted to play some of these other "bubble" players a full game of run to decide which guy to cut (they have 13 players… the roster limit is 12) or Team USA wanted to hold something back because this was an exhibition and these two teams will very likely face each other in the Worlds.

There's also the possibility that Coach K is sending these guys some kind of message… but that seems very unlikely.  We'll just have to wait and see why Rondo didn't play.

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  • JD

    I thought that the game was being aired “live” on NBA TV at 9 PM? Guess not.

  • JD

    oops, nevermind, read that schedule wrong

  • JD

    Oh and where did you find this out, cuz I can’t find any reports other than this anywhere?

  • I watched the game.

  • JD

    What channel? NBA TV?

  • Yep. It was on NBA TV today. There’s a game Wed. at 12 vs. Greece. Not sure where that one is.

  • ESPN 2 will re-air the game at 10pm… FYI

  • JD

    All right thanks. And you guys are better than the Team USA website, they haven’t even posted the result of the game yet!

  • MSL

    Stop speculating/worrying.
    Rajon was bein rested. This was already decided during the week that he wouldn’t play one of these games. Coach K, already talked about it earlier and Steve Smith on NBA tv confirmed it. Didn’t you listen to the broadcast?

  • MSL

    PS: your other theories can make sense also (holding back, trying to decide other players, etc.); but my point is, it was already decided before hand that Rondo wasn’t going to play.
    If not; then we’ll see and have a surprise, right? Lol.

  • I did watch the nearly all the second half and didn’t hear any clarification on why Rondo was sitting.