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Coach K explains the Rondo DNP

What have you learned between the game last night and today; and what did you think of some of your outside players like Rose, how they stepped up and were able to contribute?

We were trying to learn about our younger players so we started a different lineup.  Before we talk about the outside, Lamar Odom should be our starting center. He’s finally into shape I think to play at this level. Curry has been out so we wanted to give him a chance and we already know what Rondo and Granger can do, and Love was out. The doctor wanted to keep him out because of hitting his head and because it’s back-to-back, so that was a precaution. That was our plan tonight, just to take a better look at our team.

Talk about what you saw from Ricky Rubio and him making the step to the NBA, if you see him making it easily; and also about why Rondo didn’t play so much.

(About Rondo and Granger not playing) Those are two veterans and young guys haven’t had a chance to start or whatever, so before we select our 12 we needed to give everyone a look.

Ricky I think would be a great pro guard. He’s big, he’s gotten bigger. He plays outstanding defense and because he’s a pass first guard he’s going to be liked by everybody who plays with him and he’s improved his shooting. He’s not afraid, he loves to play. I didn’t realize the last time we played against him was the Olympics and I think he’s grown, physically and little bit height wise. He has a great frame for the NBA.


So it was as simple as Coach K needing to take a look at the full roster and what they could do.  He picked a good game to do it, too… since many people are calling Spain one of favorites.

Now the question is… which of the guys we saw today is going to get sent home?  I think it's probably Eric Gordon or Stephen Curry.  I'm betting Westbrook is safe.  

Sorry for the jinx, Russell.

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  • JD

    Its a tough choice. I like Curry the most because he’s a better shooter than Gordon and he seems to be a smarter player. But he is more of a point guard, whereas Gordon is a bigger, bulkier shooting guard which that team needs more than another small point. Meanwhile Westbrook has bouts of brilliance, but he seems to make some pretty poor decisions on a consistent basis (just watched him miss a fast break dunk on the ESPN2 replay, for instance). I think it will be either Westbrook or Gordon, and if I’m Coach K, I cut Westbrook and keep the extra shooting just in case. This roster goes 12 deep, but no more than 9 are probably going to play in the important games.

  • Loscy

    Ummm… after watching the US/Spain game, I don’t want anything to do with Rudy Fernandez. NOTHING. AT ALL. Bad fouls. Terrible shot selections. And, he just looks like a little whiny girl out there.