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Your Morning Dump… A theory behind Shaq signing with Cs

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

A few minutes before, when everyone was celebrating in the Lakers locker
room, Kobe let everyone know how much he enjoyed passing Shaq in the
ring department. He did it loudly. Boisterously. Euphorically. With a
few expletives. I've heard this story a few different ways, but in each
version, Kobe sounded a little like Tupac lighting everyone up at the
end of "Hit 'Em Up." But "everyone" was Shaq. You know, a little revenge
for the "Tell Me How My Ass Taste" rap. And that's fine. I love this
stuff. It warms my heart to know that, in an era in which the league's
best players would rather join forces than beat one another, two of the
best 12 players of all time still despise each other…

And I don't think Shaq liked it. At all. Remember, Shaq could have gone
to Greece or Italy, pocketed crazy money ($8 million to $10 million
easy, tax-free), gained as much weight as he wanted, traveled Europe,
dunked on a bunch of inferior opponents, become America's most beloved
basketball export and expanded his brand to another part of the world. I
can't imagine his business manager or agent advising him any

My theory: I think Kobe's postgame routine got back to Shaq. I think it
pissed him off. I think it got his competitive juices flowing for the
first time in years. I think he realized Boston was his best chance to
tie Kobe at five. I think he wants this more than anything. I think he
shows up next month in surprisingly good shape, and I think we'll be
saying in November, "Wow, that Shaq signing may have been a great move
by Boston!" And I think this will happen for only one reason: because
Shaq hates Kobe and Kobe hates Shaq. Just a theory.

ESPN Bill Simmons – A few theories to chew on

Bulls-eye. Simmons is right on the money.

Scroll to the 3:30 mark of the video clip. Shaq probably uses the audio as the ring tone for his cell phone alarm clock. He'll hear that every morning at 5am as he wakes for a four hour workout climbing Big Bear mountain with a tire strapped to his back.

As Celtics fans, we can only hope that Simmons is correct.

On Page 2, a look at Shaq's new fiancee?


That's Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander. Reality show junkies may know her as the Season 1 winner on "Flavor of Love" and contestant on "I Love Money."

According to Sports by Brooks, Shaq proposed earlier this week.

File this under: potential distraction.

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  • mike a

    That kobe interview brought back the worst moments of my life. and also proved he is arrogant.(“you guys know how i am”) yes kobe we do, your arrogant.
    and hoopz was my favorite on that show. good for shaq she is dopppppeeeeeee

  • Lee in Oregon

    Compared to Shaq’s free-styling bullshit afew years back, Kobe handled it like St. Theresa. Sure he wants to ram it down Shaq’s throat. I bet he’s happier than ANYONE that Shaq signed in Boston.
    Cool, Shaq found a bimbo to rub in Shawnees face.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    Uhhh, what was Shaq’s rap “Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes”. Can you blame Kobe for saying this after Shaq’s rapping and the many times that he heard his first 3 championships were because of Shaq.
    Face it, you guys got a broken down Diesel, and if you think Shaq is waking up early to workout. You’re f’n high!!! Shaq goes into every season out of shape. He could get away with that when he was younger, but not anymore.

  • LakersBlow

    Do you think this stuff is breaking news?

  • All I can think about when I see this video is how creepy Kobe’s daughters look. Sorry, but they just smile a little too much.

  • You got something better they can report on that’s happening right now…? It’s the offseason doofus. Relax.

  • Komesucks

    Kobe is such a little prick. Celts will get #18 next year and Kobe will be crying AGAIN. LOL!!

  • Manu

    yeah Kobe… we know who you are. Ask those in Boulder, Colorado

  • FEARLA2011

    hahahaha STILL must sting choking away that 13 point lead in game 7 huh? You guys kept shoving that “131-92” B.S down our throats, so how about we return the favor?
    AND LMFAO Shaq motivated? HAHAHAAH DONT MAKE ME LAUGH CELTIC FANS! If you guys even, for one single moment, think Shaq has the killer instinct and strive to win a championship like Kobe does, then, LMFAO you must still be in denial after June 17th, 2010.
    “Shaq probably uses the audio as the ring tone for his cell phone alarm clock. He’ll hear that every morning at 5am as he wakes for a four hour workout climbing Big Bear mountain with a tire strapped to his back.” LMFAO!

  • FEARLA2011

    LOL did you just bring up the boulder card? Really? Is that ALL you Celtic fans got on Kobe? THE FREAKING COLORADO CARD? WOW talk about the same crap year after year….

  • aaron

    a rapist is still a rapist….

  • 24/8

    So that also means a 5-ring champion is still a 5-ring champion. Too bad there’s no proof that Kobe’s a rapist. But there is a whole mountain of proof that the Lakers beat the Celtics during the Finals. Man, the Celtics were leading in that last game. What happened? Does that mean that a team with only one legitimate inside presence is still a team with only one legitimate inside presence? Why didn’t Paul Pierce take over and carry his team? Does that mean that a choker is still a choker?