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Under Armour’s new kicks: Hot or not?

Under armour sneakers

Under Armour has gotten into the basketball shoe game.  Brandon Jennings is pitching them… and they're out with a new line of kicks.

So the questions is… are they hot or not? 

Personally.. I like the all-black one in that photo (provided by the always awesome NiceKicks.com).  Other than that, I'm not sure.  I've never worn them, so I don't know how they feel.  If anyone has, feel free to chime in in the comments.  

Honestly, I'm an unabashed Nike-head.  My only departure was with And1 back in the day.  So I approach these with a bit of skepticism.  But I'm open to something new if it's good. 


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  • JD

    Not bad, but Nike or go home. Can’t beat the swoosh.

  • CoachBombay

    no thanks

  • Lee in Oregon

    Isn’t it amazing what a 13 year old Asian girl who hasnt pissed or ate in 6 hours can strap together?
    I’ll show my age by saying I hate almost all of the modern era “sneakers”. Give me a pair of black/green superstars or give me death. Anything with patent leather, velcro, extra pieces, all too much in the humble opinion of a guy who was born across the street from the Converse rubber co. in Malden and grew up wearing irregular Chucks.
    Nike rules out here in Oregon and they do alot of great things to keep Eugene at the top of the track/field world, but I’m not a fan of thier gear either.

  • They also give the university 75 different combinations of the ugliest damn football uniforms ever seen by man.

  • DiP

    better than those embarrassing KG shoes. At least these look like they are well made.

  • Lee in Oregon

    i’m with u on that, especially the metal plating ones. Go Beavers!

  • 24/8

    They look like Crocs. And since when does a company called Under Armour make gear that goes over everything else? Lack of focus.