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Does Wilson Chandler have value to the Celtics?

Via ESPN's Chris Sheridan:

The Knicks are among the teams trying to acquire the Spanish shooting guard, and they have offered Wilson Chandler.

Other offers on the table include the Boston Celtics and Chicago
Bulls each offering a No. 1 draft pick in 2011, a league source told

But after the Blazers turned down several offers of first-round
picks in the teens on draft night when the team was still being run by
former general manager Kevin Pritchard, they are looking to see if they
can get a similar offer from a team they believe will finish in the
middle of the pack next season.

Portland doesn't want Wilson Chandler nor the Celtics 1st round pick for Rudy Fernandez. Screw them.

But what about bringing Chandler to Boston? He's an athletic swing man (6-8, 225) who can provide relief for Paul Pierce. No, he's not the shooter that Doc and Danny covet (career 30% from 3 FG), but he can score (15 ppg) and rebound (5.4 rpg). 

Chandler is in the final year of his rookie contract – $2.13 million. I'm guessing the Knicks would want more than the Celtics 1st round pick. I'm not even sure such a trade works under the salary cap, but I'm bored and wanted to throw this idea to the wolves, i.e. you guys.

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  • Whoa..Chandler has huge value to the C’s. That kid is a baller. He’s athletic, not afraid to bang inside w/the big guys and most importantly would inject some youth into the 2nd oldest team in the league. He would be the perfect back-up to Pierce. Although he doesn’t have great 3-pt range, but that’s what we got Wafer for. I just don’t see it happening, but if we could get him that would be phenomenal.

  • Beastondo32

    I would LOVE to get wilson chandler.. hes solid from midrange even tho he cant step back and hit that 3 ball.. he can definitely fly, which would give us one heck of exciting and energy filled second unit… except for shaq… and J.O…. Either way, ya i would be all kinds of fired up to get Wilson chandler.. or some guy named Bill Walker.. i hear hes pretty good at dunking…

  • Scott

    To echo the first two posts, I would love to bring him to Boston. That being said, it’s not going to happen. We have nothing that the Knicks would want/take for him.

  • james

    yea i’m totally fine with this. 30% from three isn’t bad! 5% more and we’d be calling him a great shooter, i can deal with 30%, we’ve got enough bench shooter
    options that he never needs to take a three. i like that he’s athletic, that usually translates into a good defender in the celtics system. if it only takes a first round pick screw it lets do it!
    definitely wont happen though lol.

  • JD

    YES. Everything that needs to be said about Chandler has been said in the first three posts. I like him, especially on this team. I just don’t trust Quisy, and to be honest, I hate his game even when he’s effective. Sure, he has a knack for getting to the rim, but he’s not fast or powerful or quick or athletic. He just sort of has the ability to slither in the lane and hit some nice around the rim shots. But when those aren’t falling, his game is ugly.

  • greenbeand

    danny probably likes the open roster spot

  • Lee in Oregon

    I would love to have him but I think NY wants Rudy more than they want our late first rounder.

  • Wilson Chandler? HELL YES.

  • the-facts

    I don’t think we have a chance of getting him, but he would be a perfect addition to the bench for the celtics. but we talking about the knicks now, it would not be a surprise to see them trade chandler to the celtics. they gave us nate robinson for eddie house. i love eddie, but nate is way better player than eddie house. so anything is possible with the knicks. i hope we got chandler.

  • aaron

    this will never happen. i dont understand where these ridiculous thoughts pop into people’s heads. lots of rookies contracts are expiring. the knicks want youth like chandler for when CP3 and melo come to NY next year…