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Your Morning Dump… Where Rudy Fernandez is throwing a tantrum

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
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(Andy) Miller said his client is seeking an “amicable divorce” from
Portland. Moreover, Fernandez has no intention of playing in the NBA in
2010-11, and wants to return as soon as possible to his native country
of Spain. Fernandez is even wiling to be fined by the Blazers or engage
in legal proceedings, rather than return to Portland.

“There’s nothing to fix,” Miller said. “He does not want to come back to the NBA.”

By the time Cho was named GM in mid-July, Fernandez’s list of proposed
destinations was narrowed to Boston, Chicago and New York. This small
choice of big-name teams further hampered negotiations. The Celtics and
Bulls will likely hold late first-round picks in 2011, which Portland
feels does not merit equal return for Fernandez. Meanwhile, the Knicks
lack the requisite first-round choice in future drafts that Portland is
seeking. Counter offers recently made by the Blazers to all three teams
have also been turned down, forcing Portland to hold on to an unhappy

Miller said Wednesday that neither playing time nor a key role on
another NBA team are still issues for Fernandez. Instead, the guard has
simply soured on the idea of playing in the NBA.

“This is not a bluff,” Miller said. “In his mind, he’s not coming back.”

The Columbian – Fernandez finished with NBA

You could see this coming. Because the trade talk had died down significantly over the past few weeks, Fernandez and his agent had to come up with a new plan. These quotes are akin to my 1-year old throwing himself on the floor when he doesn't get his way.

Eventually, the headache will become big enough that Portland will dump this guy for whatever the Bulls and Celtics are willing to give up. I don't believe for one second that Fernandez is "done" with the NBA.

As for other wings, Larry Hughes name came up yesterday in Chris Forsberg's mailbag. Let's hope he stays there.

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  • Beastondo32

    For a second i started to worry that his childish tantrum prone personality would be bad for the locker room, but then i remembered we already have big baby… so kg will make rudy cry once and then hell grow up and be great off the bench.. right?

  • matt

    maybe more than once ….

  • Dutchgreen

    I thought all we needed now was a backup for the captain. I don’t think Rudy would be that guy, would you?
    By the way, I’m not sure which Spanish team would want him if he sits out an entire season. I’ve been to a Barcelona game last season and the ACB (Spanish league) might very well be the world’s second best proleague after only the NBA. I’m wondering if he can come back there with no game rythm and immediately be the impact player that people expect him to be on the basis of his rep. And believe me, Spanish crowds are not the easiest ones to play for; I’ve seen them go loose (verbally, don’t worry) on Ricky Rubio last year only because he declared for the NBA draft and then decided to stay in Spain for a few years becaue of the money (or so the people in Madrid claimed 🙂
    Anyway, I’m starting to ramble about a league you probably don’t care about, so let me raise my main points again 1. I don’t think Rudy is necessarily the guy the C’s need for their final roster spot, so perhaps we should wait what becomes available later on 2. no way Rudy can just walk and be a star player again in Spain; which kind of supports the idea that he’s bluffing about leaving the NBA, I suppose.

  • CFH

    What’s he going to say if he gets what he wants? “Boston is closer to Spain than Portland is, so I’m not homesick anymore?”

  • Lee in Oregon

    Get him!!!! This guy can shoot with Ray and play 3 spots on the floor, including wing. Portland is a shitty organization that ANYONE would want out of.

  • I swear I will burn everything I own that says Boston Celtics and commit a crime that sends me to prison for at least 3 three years if the Celtics sign Laura Hughes. I would rather be forced to watch every episode of Who’s the Boss, Barney and T.J. Hooker. then see a game with Laura Hughes in green. I’m not normally a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me, Superman!”

  • Lakerhater

    If he can’t play for Nate he won’t like Doc any better. I agree with you about the blazer management, but nate is one hell of a coach.
    As for Rudy – to much of a p#ssy to fit with the celtics. Yeah he can shoot – in streaks – but he can’t defend worth sh#t unless you define flopping as solid defense. My brother has season tickets, I saw him 15 games last year and he was pedestrian at best in all of them. Send that eurotrash back where he belongs.

  • Chad L

    Can you say Darius Miles for pennies on the dollar? Rudy’s contract has the equivalent value of a couple of video games. He needs to change his attitude and fire his agent. Vinegar vs. Honey. If he really wants to play, then he’ll play. Otherwise, it’s be more about ego or money than love of the game. He’s acting like a spoiled kid. Sitting out for 2 years will only hurt himself.