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Nenad Krstic is kind of a punk

This was at an exhibition game between Serbia and Greece leading up to the world championships in Turkey.  These are the Greek announcers… so I'll give you the highlights. 

At :13, they say someone spit… I think it was the Greek player (Greece is in white).

At :40 they're saying "look at Krstic… " because Nenad came in and attacked a player from behind.  Turned out it was Sofoklis Schortsanitis… the biggest dude on the floor. 

At: 54 they're talking about Sofoklis chasing Krstic… and watch as Krstic picks up a chair and tosses it then walks away

What a punk move.  

So to recap… he pounces on a guy with his back turned… runs away when the dude turns around… then throws a chair.  

Oh yeah… watch out UFC… Nenad Krstic is coming for all of you next. 

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  • AS

    U r forgetting to saying that big guy was hitting a guy who was on the ground!
    Everybody is a punk in this fight. Otherwise its a sport called boxing. Right thing would be to say: there`s no place for fights in basket!

  • RAS

    Nice translation. It was pretty damn funny listening to these guys analyze the fight. good stuff…OPA!

  • Lee in Oregon

    He went Carmello!!!
    (thats when you throw a cheap shot when the other guys not looking and skip backwards down the court hoping to God someone else gets in between.)

  • Yes I Am Greek

    the big dude “baby shaq” was just protecting his teamate 😛 by the way whats funny is that if you take kristic out the other guys that are in the fight are playing for Olympiakos and Panathinaikos and it was a continuation from the last years greek finals….

  • nick

    Please Nenad….shave your fucking head, u look like shit

  • Niko

    best comment so far!

  • Dave

    Soooo that’s NOT Jackie Butler????

  • I’d make Nenad tap.