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Your Morning Dump… Where Pierce wants one more piece

Pierce and daniels

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"I think we could use another wing here, after losing Tony Allen (who signed with Memphis this summer). He was real valuable, what he brought in the playoffs. For the most part, I love our team. We're better now than we were in June. But also I think we need another piece if we're going to win it all and not just get there."

CSNNE: Pierce plays assistant GM during offseason

Paul Pierce clearly reads Red's Army because we made that same point a couple of weeks ago.  The Celtics are thin at the 3.  They're deep at guard and they're deep on the blocks… but if something should force Paul Pierce to miss time, all we've got in Marquis Daniels.

And to repeat my point about Quis:  I like him… I like his game and I think this year, with the focused role, he's going to be much, much better.  But he's injury prone.  There's no other way to say it.  It's not his fault, but his body just isn't reliable enough.  We need one more guy in that 6'7"-6'9" range for insurance.

It's not a secret.  It's been written in multiple places.  Danny Ainge knows it too.  Now it's just a wait-and-see to find out if that other wing gets added now… or mid-season.

On Page 2: The Lakers owner is excited about Shaq

"I think there's a lot of rivalry and a lot of emotions in these things. Shaq and Kobe have a little thing going as to who wins the most rings and so Shaq signing with Boston sets up a potential showdown. I like the drama, I think it's fabulous. You can't help but love Shaq. He's still Shaquille O'Neal. He's still a very funny man, sometimes he gets a little carried away in his analysis of former employers, but outside of that he's quite a guy and we look forward to [playing Boston]."

ESPN LA: Jerry Buss please with Lakers moves  (via ESPN Boston)

There you go.  

Take a look at that link, because Buss talks about a few things related to the Celtics… and he also talks about facing the Miami Heat and he says this about his Lakers:

 I feel there's a good chance this could be the best team we've ever had."

He acknowledges that he might be getting carried away here… and he is.  There's no way you can top those mid-80's teams.  No way.  Call me a softie who is romanticizing the past… but those mid-80's Lakers and Celtics teams were the pinnacle of the NBA.  This is a good Lakers team… but let's not get out of control here.    

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  • When Pierce is out, the two guys that could play the three spot, or at least stop the gap, are Daniels and Von Wafer. Right now nNeither one is ideal, and both of them need to prove to Doc and the Celtics that they can get the job done and not just take up space. I hope that at least one of them is capable of doing this, or else rotating Ray and the other guards around constantly to fill that spot will become a serious issue on the court. I’ve been writing about the C’s bench a lot, and the small forward position is really the only area in question… plug this gap and the door will be opened for other guys like Shaq, Baby, Nate, and Avery Bradley to have a big year… maybe even Harangody will log some time at the three.

  • thetitleisours

    Considering there are just retreads left out there, do you think Tony G can handle that spot?

  • thetitleisours
  • I agree we need another wing. However I also think ‘Quis will have a solid year… provided he stays healthy.. (new Boston moniker for all the teams? PHSH?) One can’t really speculate on ‘potential health’ other than to look at his past trends which aren’t promising.
    The real question to me is what happened after his injury, falling way down the bench. That needs to be (and I think will be), corrected this season.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Pierce is right. Wafer & Bradley are both guards. Harongody is a rookie. That leaves the much maligned Quisy as Pierce’s main back-up. That in itself scares me cause Pierce needs rest and Marquis typically misses about half the year. Not much left on the scrap heap though.

  • There’s no way you can top those mid-80’s teams.
    can’t agree more Ron trying to stop larry, Pau on the human slinkly, Bynam on the chief, and DJ would give kobe fits not to mention Walton off the bench with Wedmann and Jerry. five HOF’s on one team think of that. how many on today’s lakers 1 ….2 at best. Please the mid 80’s lakers would kill them as well Jabbar, Worthy, Magic, Scott, Cooper, McAdoo, Rambis,Wilkes.
    what a dummy

  • Jerry was putting out a sound bite, and it worked.. he even recognized he was being silly.