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Smile pretty for the camera

Bradley composite

Harangody composite 2

Yesterday, the NBA lined up all the rookies like they do every year and they take pictures of them.  They always try to do something fancy… and these composite things are kinda cool.

The Avery Bradley shot comes from ESPN Boston (another set of photos here).  The Harangody shot comes from Ball Don't Lie… which has a ton of other pictures… including composites that actually look like the guys are doing things.

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  • Both these rooks are good additions to the Celtics, esepcially Bradley. He’s got a lot of potential, and brings a lot of athleticism and solid defense to the table… I wrote all about him in my blog today, but he will be a very solid replacement for Tony Allen.

  • Josh

    He has a lot to live up to with that number 0.

  • Orb

    RIP Leon.

  • Beastondo32

    I cant get over how goofy and awkward Harangody looks.. too funny

  • why would ever wear the number of Acie Earl???????????