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Rondo the 3rd best PG in the league?

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Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer is ranking every position in the league from #30 on down to #1.  Today, the top 10 point guards were unveiled… with Rondo taking the 3rd spot behind Deron Williams and Chris Paul.

A big jump for Rajon, who could be incredibly overrated, or playing the role of the point guard at a level that my tiny brain just can't understand. I'll split the difference, and hand him the top five spot. Some Celtics fans were a little upset at the way Rondo let a good group of point men fly past him this season, but that's the way the position works in this era, with no hand checking to help stop these flyweights. Rondo is just 24, he nearly cracked double-figure assists last season, and he led the league in steals as well

I like this ranking for Rajon.  He's not the best, because he still has holes in his game.  And that's the beauty of all this.  He's being called a top 3 point guard while still possessing an inconsistent jump shot and still gambling too much on D is a testament to how good he is in other areas.  

This is a huge year for him.  This year, it's Rondo's team first.  He's got to take that next step and look to build the entire Celtics offense off of his game.  He's clearly the future of this franchise… we'll see how his game progresses and whether he can vault to the top spot by this time next year.

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  • greenbeand

    This is one of those asinine topics I can’t stomach. Yes it’s no mystery RR can’t hit a jumper, his 3 point shot is pathetic, or able to shoot from the line. However it’s the other intangibles that win games and RR does above average: plays D, great assist-turn over ratio, and has a high play-off basket ball IQ. Wrap that up with a friendly contract and this kid was a stud to lock up.

  • G4L

    I agree with this “seeding”.

  • jared

    I disagree. For artistic ingenuity he should be #1. For Defense he should be #1. For rebounding #1. For interior scoring #1. For passing #1.
    Oh yeah, his shot isnt superb lets knock him down two pegs.
    Not at point guard. Not with a ring. No way.
    Rondo #1.

  • leo

    I agree with this ranking. Sometimes, because you guys are on the East coast, you don’t watch as many Hornets games or Jazz games, so you don’t get to see how good Chris Paul and Deron Williams are. They are both amazing point guards, who are on terrible or average teams. The Celtics would be insane with Chris Paul at the point with the team that they have.

  • Why are chris paul and deron williams put on such pedestals? um they aint perfect, and they aint done shit either

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Deron Williams I can understand the questions because the system he is in benefits his assist marks but Chris Paul to me is the clear cut #1 in the league. How can you argue against it? The only question around him is durability.
    I think it’s a toss up between DWill and Rondo for #2 but you cannot tell me Chris Paul doesn’t have the edge on them, what do either of those 2 do better than CP3? Nothing… CP3 is a better passer, scorer, shooter, just as good if not better defensively… He’s a great leader. I donno what you can argue with

  • jared

    better defensively? better passer? I beg to differ. But I do agree he is very very good. While it cant be quantified in stats, I think Paul has the creativity of Rondos pinky finger.
    Then again, im wrong often. Maybe im crazy.

  • JD

    his 3 point shot isn’t really pathetic… how many times did Rondo hit a buzzer beating three pointer this season? Too many times to remember. And those were about the only times he takes threes. His jumper is improving as well. Its his free throws that worry me.

  • JD

    Well, thats kind of a slap in the face to Rondo. He’s right up there with Paul, CP3 gets the stats because he handles the ball close to 100 percent of the time he’s on the floor. And I think Rondo is just as good a passer, and a better defender because of his wingspan. Not to mention Rondo is the least selfish player in the league, which works wonders on this team.
    CP3 is better, but not by much and he would only add 3-4 wins at most if your replaced him with Rondo.

  • JD

    I tink the top 3 are perfect, but you could change Deron Williams with CP3 and I wouldn’t argue. I think this year, either Rose or Rondo will knock one of those guys out of the top two.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Pretty high ranking for a guy who cant shoot, but I think accurate. Westbrook & Rose will pass him if he doesnt learn to shoot, especially at the free throw line.
    Deron Williams is my #1, does everything Paul can do and is bigger and more durable. He and Big Al will be great together in SLC.

  • Lee in Oregon

    ps….forgot to say that CP3 and Deron are head and shoulders better than all the others. Rondo, Rose, Westbrook are in the 2nd tier with old men Chauncey & Nash. We can talk again when Rondo shoots better than 65% from the line. peace