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So I had a great seat for the USA-France game


So I'm tooling around the web when I see With Leather post something from Sports Crackle Pop about guys staring at Eva Longoria's behind as she's taking a seat at the USA-France game this past Sunday.  I click on it… and not only do I see a bunch of us doing exactly what the post said… I see me.

Yes, as you can tell by my notes on the photo… that's me 5 rows up from Tony and Eva… and that's me being the diligent blogger with my phone always at the ready. (That's my way of justifying me being busted)

But alas… I was too late.. and I had an obstructed view.  But that's me among the drooling Neanderthals sneaking a peek at Eva's butt.  She did walk right past me earlier… and I was very impressed. 

Good thing NBA TV is replaying this game a few times… I can fill in the blanks from when I was distracted.

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  • Great find! Love the security guys look.

  • The Truth is Here

    Great work. There is Theirry Henry right next to TP as well.

  • KY Celts fan

    yeah, his is definitely the best, cuz he’s actually having to turn all the way around to catch a peak!

  • DiP

    Nobody cares

  • Actually, nobody cares about TP either.. it’s the hot ass sitting down next to him.
    More french super star atheletes could mean more hot french super star girlfriends.

  • KY Celts fan

    Except she was born in Texas and her parents are Tejano.

  • And she married a french super star… playing with my words I know.
    But, have you seen Henry’s chics? The more the merrier. I think this is his ex.. which means she’s available.

  • leo

    Damn her…
    For being so fvcking hot.

  • Lakers 24 7

    LOL. There are about 8 dudes in that photo tryin’ to catch a peak.