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Sheed says he’s done… Pierce ain’t so sure

Rasheed Wallace made an appearance at Paul Pierce's camp today… and he reaffirmed that he's done.

When asked by about whether his NBA career was indeed wrapped up, Wallace responded, "Like Christmas."

But Paul Pierce isn't buying it.

"I told him, 'Go ahead, do all you need to do,' " Pierce said. " 'Take the kids everywhere. We'll see you in February.' "

I'll go ahead and make the obvious joke here.  Sheed doesn't have to retire to take the first 5 months of the season off.

I'm not ruling anything out… and I know sometimes it takes a couple of tries for a retirement to take… but I believe Sheed on this one.

But as a bonus… check out this quote from Pierce when asked about his contract.

"Everybody knew I was coming back. I didn't need a special."

Eat that, LeBron.  See you in a couple of months.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    So do we still have his contract? Or is all the paperwork done?

  • They waived him. he’s gone

  • Lee in Oregon

    He’s gone now but he could join them in Feb. a la PJ Brown. As has been said before, he’s the only guy who did well against Gasol, he didnt back off and give Gasol the mid-range for free (a la KG).

  • PxFunk

    Suck it Lebron…I cant wait for the C’s to lay the smack down on those punks

  • jared

    Paul Pierce is the MF’n man. A Boston Man.

  • If Sheed’s back is bothering him, that’s tough to deal with. Planes, hotels, etc… and he’s got plenty of cash and a championship.
    Truth is fantastic