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Rondo Goes All “Houdini” on Team France

Yesterday, Team USA defeated Team France 86-55 led by Rajon Rondo's fine orchestrating at point guard.  He looked very comfortable as the team's starting point guard and looked quite impressive on the play below.  Watch as Rondo goes all "Houdini" on Team France by splitting the double-team then executing his signature move:

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  • nicole ferraz

    rondo is my boyfriend

  • I honestly just felt bad for France when I was watching this game, their players stood no chance on defense as Rondo and guys like Billups and Rudy Gay just rained in the points via treys and slam dunks. It was nice to see him make some signature Rondo plays like this one during the game, but Rondo and team USA did play very sloppy in the first half, turning the ball over a ton of times. I like that Rondo is working on basketball in the offseason, and I hope he makes the team because he deserves it… I just hope Rajon also finds some time to work on his jump shots and free throws. His quick cuts and cross-overs will work almost every time against many FIBA team guards, but big men around the NBA will likely be ready for his cuts to the hoop next year. He will need his shot to be more consistent, especially with his style of play… you know that he’ll be seeing that foul line a lot.