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So we lost the Facebook race….

Our buddies over at CelticsBlog saw that we were trying to get to 1,000 Facebook fans… and they decided "Hey, we're just about even… let's race to 1,000."

Turns out that's like Usain Bolt coming up to me and saying "Hey… we're about the same height… let's race."

They're at like 1,100 now.  We're around 800.  We got smoked.  But we still want to get to 1,000 because Chuck and I have fragile egos and not reaching 1,000 soon will only turn us into self-doubting piles of goop.  The flip side is getting to 1,000 soon will have us running out side and popping our Red's Army signature gear (available in the Red's Army Store!  Ka Ching!) in the faces of our neighbors.  (Yeah, we're not great people).

So if you haven't yet… go like our page on Facebook.  And you might as well do the same for CelticsBlog too.  They're pretty cool… despite what I say behind their backs.


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  • to be fair, we kinda cheated
    I have a “CelticsBlog Clark” facebook account that has close to 2,000 “friends” and it occurred to me to invite all my friends to become “fans” of the page.
    so, …that worked well

  • Luke Walton

    Take pride.
    You are a Mac, and they are a PC.
    You remember the 1984 Mac commercial, right?

  • LOL… thanks man. They’re cool shit over there. We have different styles and thus, a slightly different audience… but they’re cool