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Kobe Bryant was actually likable today

I was all prepared to hate Kobe Bryant today.  He is fresh off beating the C's for a title (ugh, still hurts) and he made me wake up way too early to cover his event.  So I was looking forward to just flat out hating on him all morning long. 

And I couldn't do it. 

He showed up at Rucker Park around 9:30 for the Chainlink Fundamentals clinic (part of Nike's World Basketball Festival which is going on this weekend in New York).  He spent time observing… talking to the kids… and then going from station to station and giving individual instruction.  He was getting involved, talking to the kids, and doing it with passion.  

Son of a bitch… he actually cared about getting involved with these kids.  Hell, he even invoked the name of Larry Bird while he was teaching (3:30 mark in the video below).

But don't worry.  I still hate Kobe Bryant.  He made me like him today… how can I not hate him for that?

Here's the video I shot of the clinic:

And here are some of his post-clinic comments.  This was a staged Q&A, and no questions were taken from the media.  Sorry for the low audio… they had a bad speaker set up.

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  • He seemed to have a lot more interest in actually, ya know, helping those kids than Dwyane. Goddammit Kobe.

  • hwood


  • hwood


  • JD

    Kobe’s old school man, he really cares about the fundamentals and work ethic. And he knows his bball history. Its obvious if he was on the Celtics, we would love him, but he’s on the Lakers so we hate him.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I bleed green…but I have no hate for Kobe. Too damn good.

  • Probable Rapist, Makes his “illegal” house workers dig through shit…sorry I hate the guy.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I hate him, even if he wasn’t on the Fakers I would hate him, he’s arogant and brash and a punk. He does put in the time on his skills, and just recently started trusting his team, although I knew he would try to take over game 7 and that it would cost them, and it would have if Artest didn’t win it for them.
    Basically he is a bad person and a bad teamate.

  • chuck

    I bleed Green, but I think as I get older, I can’t justifiably hate on Kobe. Kobe has the killer instict that Lebron lacks, and Wade and Lebron both shit on little kids when they play with them to the point that those kids probably arent gonna want to play basketball seriously as they get older. At least Kobe is good to the kids. I thought DWade was a good guy, but he seems worse every day. The rape charge is debateable. She willingly gave him a bj she just didnt want a facial. I feel if thats what makes a rapist, a lot more dudes would get that label

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    No wonder Laker fans keep coming back here, you keep writing blog posts about Lakers. I guess you can’t help it, the Lakers are the greatest franchise in NBA history.
    BACK TO BACK F*ckers!!!

  • KY Celts fan

    He may be old school and work hard, which I respect. But he’s still a dick teammate.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    8 Straight, F*CKERS!!

  • CFH

    My least favorite thing, basketball fan wise, is being told I would like Kobe if he played for my team.
    No, I would not. That’s true of many players, but not this one.

  • jeff

    CFH i agree with you. out of the lakers, id rather take gasol than kobe. I just would never take kobe.

  • nonreality

    Pretty kind comments overall from Boston fans. I’m hoping that is out of mutual respect. I love the Lakers and have followed them since the West and Goodrich days and I also will begrudgingly almost always respect Boston because they have earned it over the years. With Miami now, none. A made team without any earning of respect. I will root for Boston now over Miami because of that respect, earned not bought. I think you know what I mean and it’s mutual even though hard to say. 🙂

  • Nathan

    Kobe Bryant is tool, and a classic actor, better at playing the nice guy than Lebron James could ever be. Born a tool, is a tool, and he’ll die a tool.

  • LA

    hate the guy all you want… he’s got a style that no one can match. He does it the old school way like the Jordan, MJ, Bird, you can hate the guy all you want… but you gotta respect him and his game. KOBE… LAKER FOR LIFE! Purple and gold !

  • Cusith

    I feel your conflicting emotions. It’s like watching Team USA and seeing Rondo and Lamar Odom playing together. I have a hard time seeing them playing together on the same team, my brain just doesn’t want to process the incoming signal.

  • Cusith

    Yes you would. Seriously, as a fan how could you not appreciate what he would bring to your team? I wouldn’t want to hang out with him, but I’d like to see him playing for my team.

  • Leo

    Constantly bringing up the “alleged” rape charge is childish, at best. You have to be kidding me if you think that adultery, and even more, isn’t perpetrated by many NBA stars today – you also don’t know about when people are payed off to keep quiet.
    The guy dealt with everything legally a long time ago already, and payed his dues, and the bad press/image to go along with that. A lot of people still need to mature.

  • Leo

    Also, it’s OK to like an NBA star, even if he doesn’t play for your team. Even though, I hope that the Lakers destroy the Celtics at every meeting, I happened to come across Paul Pierce the other day in a gym in Los Angeles, and was thoroughly awe-struck, and damn near intimidated by the guy. Certainly, was glad to have met him.

  • thetitleisours

    It was actually uglier (worse than adultery if you read the details) than that, but Kobe has made an effort to fix his image. Don’t know how genuine it is

  • Go Lakers

    You morans, what makes you think Kobe would like to join the celtics you sore losers. He is to good for the city and obviously you moran fans that don’t appreciate the best player in the nba.

  • Joseph 17-16 (it’s just a matter of time)

    8 straight? HAHAHAH. Yea, in the 60’s. How many teams were there in the league back then? Were you even born then? Keep living in the past Suckdic fans. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

  • johnnywayne

    all you kobe haters are just pissed cause this year we tie you for titles 17 to 17.glad you guys got shaq there goes your chemistry poor celtics.i love the laker vs boston rivalry ther is not one that is more intense to watch.the nba would not be the nba without these 2 teams hateing on each other.and there are no better fans than the lakers or the celtics because were all about pride.if you had kobe you would love him because not even the great celtics could stop him.bottom line he just wants to win.