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Your Morning Dump… Where DJ gets into the Hall


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In addition to being a human version
of Velcro, he blocked an unimaginable 14 shots (1979 NBA Finals). It was the beginning of a
long run in which he would become basketball’s first and only destructive defensive guard.

in 1979, and ending in 1987, DJ was a five-time member of the
All-Defensive first team and a three-time second-team selection. Defense
was his calling card. He did it his way, using what can only be termed a
poke check. This unorthodox maneuver, frowned upon by most coaches, was
his signature defensive move


DJ always just knew. Think about the Bird steal from Isiah
Thomas in 1987. After securing the ball, there Bird was, tottering on
one leg, ready to fall out of bounds. That would have ended the story
had not DJ, who was behind the key when the play began, instantly sized
up the situation and cut for the basket, making a contested backhand
layup for the winning points.

Globe – The inimitable Celtic

Bob Ryan has a great column about Dennis Johnson, who will be inducted today into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Things I learned: DJ was one of 16 children, he was discovered by Seattle coach/GM Bill Russell. Yeah, that Bill Russell.

On Page 2, a look at Rajon Rondo's new Foot Locker commercial.

(h/t KWAPT's Banner 18? blog)

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  • Lee in Oregon

    DJ was the man. Rest in peace Hall-of-famer.

  • Congrats to the Johnson family and RIP Dennis. Thx for linking to my site guys.

  • Joseph

    Don’t forget, the greatest owner in NBA history is going to get inducted too.

  • Lakerhater

    Well deserved, RIP DJ one of my favorite Celtics (and Sonics) of all time.

  • Lakerhater

    They should put Redsarmy in the hall of fame for owning so many laker trolls like you.

  • Shawn-cvd


  • Joseph

    HAHA, that’s funny. I think Redsarmy should go in the hall of fame for always posting Laker information. Was the article about Matt Barnes necessary? You don’t see Laker blogs ever mention the Suckdics.
    Don’t be sad because the Lakers have the greatest owner in NBA history