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Video: Dwyane Wade blocking, taunting children

I was at Rucker Park today for a few different World Basketball Festival events.  Among the festivities was a clinic in the morning that featured Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Michael Jordan. 

DWade apparently likes a little negative reinforcement in his basketball instruction… because he had a little fun with these kids by viciously rejecting their shots… taunting them… and (sort of) dunking on them. 

Yeah, it seemed to all be in good fun… at least to him (and Chris Paul).  Why not ask the kid who just walked off after the second Wade rejection?  He looked thrilled </sarcasm>.

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  • hwood

    hes not taunting anybody……hes just having fun……. you celtics fans are uptight. good luck in the east lol…………lakers- back to back champs/ espn’s ranked greatest nba franchise of all time

  • Gil

    were uptight you must not have any kids and if you do you should be ashamed. How would you feel about your kid being bullied by a 6″4 man? I know when I play with my kids I let them win so they feel good a**hole! keep routing for a trader and adulter the lakers are so good magic is trying to buy the Pistons!

  • i guess it’s normal for dwayne wade to be like that. Lebron does that too, a lot more.
    They wouldn’t want the kids thinking they’re just somebody who can be played with. Besides, it gives them a better perspective of the hardwork they need to reach that status. If kids wanna play and win against older guys, it’s definitely not gonna be against DWade, or Lebron.

  • That’s funny. I have kids and I was a kid once. Guess what a kid will remember most: “I played with or against Dwayne Wade.” If the kid enjoys basketball like most youngsters who play the game and if he plays with the big boys, he knows that you get your shot blocked if you dare to challenge them. And if he wants to play ball or succeed in life, he learns to go back at him and to get better.
    Some folks take their emotions on this Three Um Egos thing too far. The wonderful thing is that Wade and Paul were there interacting with the kids.
    Get over it folks. Right now, today, the Celts have the better team. Management did a great job this summer, the starters know their roles and they have some nice back-ups. Stop being so afraid of the Heat that your heart-beat changes your pride to Hate. Wade did good, but the Celts on the court can still do better.
    BTW, I’m a Knicks fan and I think both teams cheated to get the best players. Wade was Riley’s double agent and clearly Kevin McHale was yours.

  • I can see both sides. On one hand, the kid may almost like getting stuffed. The sh*t talking is kinda awkward, as a parent I would be put off by that.