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Rondo Tosses Alley-Oop To Chandler For The Win

Team USA recently held a Blue vs. White scrimmage at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  While it was interesting to watch them play at such a venue on stage, it was more or less a glorified all-star/street ball game.  There were barely any set plays run as it was quite the ugly game to watch, even if it was only a scrimmage.  In a game that featured several botched alley-oops, there was one that was worth noting.  With the game tied as the final buzzer sounded, special “sudden-death” rules were implemented as the two intra-squad teams entered overtime play.

Watch the video clip below as Rondo tosses the game winning alley-oop to Tyson Chandler.  Pay close attention to Chris Webber’s commentary afterward:

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  • green8teen

    I watched this last night, it was pretty awesome to see Rondo help win it. In my opinion, he was the best point guard that played by far. He ran the offense well and got everyone involved. Showed a lot of leadership, which is no surprise really given the environment he’s been in his first 4 or 5 years. I can see him getting significant minutes and maybe even starting eventually.

  • Rondo just keeps getting better and will keep silencing more and more of his critics with his passing, defense, and dominating presence on the court. Alley-oops like these help make up just one of the nine important reasons why Rondo is a #1 number one guard. The other eight are just as important, feel free to check them out.

  • Rondo is a star. Not one IN the making…he is a star now. Side note… His footlocker commercial is super funny.