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Our quest for 1,000 Facebook fans

Despite the Celtics shortcomings in Game 7, it was a banner year for Red's Army. We set a personal record for page views and visits in July.

However, I'm embarrassed by our presence on Facebook. 571 fans is pathetic for a site that saw 60,000 unique visitors last month.

Isn't Facebook the most popular website in the galaxy? I assume all of our loyal and casual readers have a page. How else do you stalk interact with women during the work day?

There is something in this for you. Establishing a strong presence on FB will help in our quest for sponsors and advertisers. And if you must admit one thing, it's that John and I love to give back to our readers. We were throwing balcony, loge and luxury suite tickets at you guys by the bucket load in the spring.

I'm setting the bar low. I want 1,000 FB fans by the end of summer.

Do everyone a favor. Click on our Facebook page and become a fan (or Like the page). 

If our page is good enough for Celtics dancer Alison Preston and game host Kristine Leahy, then it's good enough for you.

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  • You guys have really have done alot for your readers and I for one really appreciate it. Good luck with the FB site and you know I’m already a fan..lol

  • AMP

    x100…I especially appreciate you in the summer!

  • JD

    Noooo,, now it will be way harder to win tickets haha

  • Orb

    OK, but only for you guys, facebook sucks. Well, you and the fact that it brings me that much closer to Alison.

  • Thanks guys… really appreciate it