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Your Morning Dump… Where the Posey speculation has begun

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Upon learning of the 4-team trade which shippped James Posey to Indiana, SI's Chris Mannix started speculating about Po-Z's future on Twitter:

Celtics will likely inquire about Posey for their final roster spot, too. Good fit there as well.

Glut of small forwards in Indy though, including No. 1 pick. Don't think JP will want to spend last two years rebuilding either

James Posey's agent, Mark Bartelstein, tells that Posey will not seek a buyout from the Pacers.

Pacers could still look to trade Posey, who has two-years and $13 million remaining on contract.

However several contenders (Miami, Boston, Orlando) would love to add Posey's presence off the bench.

Because I'm doubtful that Posey will walk away from any of the $13 million on his contract, a trade is the most likely avenue to Boston. If the Celtics only had an expiring contract worth $6+ million annually they could send to Indy.

Blazers swingman Rudy Fernandez is still looking for a way out of Portland (Hoops Hype via Marca):

“It’s more like we’re trying to talk with (the Blazers) and make them
understand my position. And let’s make clear I understand theirs too.
We have to come to an agreement and find a way out as soon as possible. I
made a great effort going to the States, making less money that I would
in Europe. This season, I decided with my agents that the best thing
was to try to get traded so I could be on another team with more playing

“Not to the point of being depressed, but I’ve been pretty fucked up
psychologically . I didn’t feel comfortable on the court and sometimes I
preferred to stay on the bench. I didn’t feel capable of helping the
team and that’s very tough to handle for any player.”

On Page 2, Doc talks about Rajon Rondo playing for Team USA.

“I like that he’s playing with them,” Rivers said on Tuesday. “I think
the whole team part of that is good for Rondo. I think every day he’s in
that team atmosphere is another day for him to learn.”

“He’s young,” Rivers said. “You play basketball all summer when you’re
young. That’s what you do anyways. They’re only going to play him 15-20
minutes a night.”

Herald – Rondo takes best shot

Doc says that Rondo's focus needs to be on improving his elbow jumper and free throw shooting. Rondo will work with Mark Price again this off-season.

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  • greenmonster

    Come get a ring Poze!!!

  • i think posey wold be great for us, much like he was on the 08′ celtics. what pains me is the fact that Indiana will lose one of their actual contrbutors. imagine Granger and Posey getting fed the ball from Collison. That being said I would rather see Posey help US than a team i somewhat admire.

  • green8teen

    Is your name a 2pac reference?
    Also, are you saying you admire the Pacers? Did I read that correctly?

  • pierceforpres

    did i not say P-O-S-E-Y like a week ago. some shmuck was pushing ariza when there was no way we would take on his contract and now hes with CP3. JP had a pretty inconsistent year last season but adding another veteran to the bench will help the younger guys (Von and Donkey) stay focused and give us added playoff experience. DA get to work.

  • pierceforpres

    on a side note I think what the Hornets are doing is good. They need to put shooters around CP3. Hes already got Emeka and David West to dish to and now hes got Ariza running with him and Ballinelli most likely coming off the bench. Also, Collison now gets a chance to start for a whole season and really show the league what he can do. Indiana sucks but it should be interesting to see what he can do

  • Lee in Oregon

    The ONLY way this works (I said this yesterday after the trade) is if Indy buys him out. And if that happens- I would suspect he would take his talents to South Beach, where he has a history as well, and there’s no state tax. Would love to have him back here though.
    Portland is a fucked up organization, or as Cousy would say, “the fish stinks from the head”. Hoopsworld reported they turned down NY’s 1st rounder for Rudy, so the chances of the C’s getting him arent very good.
    Either one of these guys would be a HUGE pick-up though.

  • greenbeand

    Rudy Fernandez wants a trade and then a buy-out so he can return to europe. he could make more money there and be with his ppl- stay away Danny!