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Matt Barnes is a slap happy guy

Via AOL Fanhouse:

According to two fans who were at Monday's championship series opener (Pro-AM league) and
spoke to FanHouse, Barnes — who was arguing a call with an official
during the third quarter of a contentious game — slapped an assistant
coach of the Gold Rush team after a brief verbal exchange. The coach,
according to a report on the web site Sports by Brooks, was Rick Lewis.

Having already diffused several "minor tussles," as one of the fans who
spoke to FanHouse said, the officials conferred and assessed double
technical fouls and let all involved continue play. Barnes told FanHouse
on Wednesday night that the coach's taunting in his ear caused him to
lose his temper but said he should have handled the situation

"Some people do too much or talk too much, and there's only so much you
can take," said Barnes, who does not expect the coach to pursue a
lawsuit. "It's hard. It's definitely hard when the refs have it out for
you, saying 'Oh, you're in the
NBA, so you don't get this (call) and we're going to call this.' Then the coach is talking and completely disrespecting me.

The columnist – Sam Amick – doesn't criticize Barnes for his behavior. Instead, he labels Barnes as a "fiery" guy. What a joke.

If I'm the coach who was assaulted by Barnes, I'd slap him with a lawsuit immediately.

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  • Bob

    It’s a slap. A bit of an overreaction? Is this what passes for news in the offseason?

  • Champ

    Lawsuit? Whaaah, he touched me!!
    That right there shows why the celtic “fans” are soft as charmin, whiny, p*ssy losers.

  • Scott

    matt barnes is a scumbag…plain and simple. glad we never acquired him. the dude is a perennial loser.

  • Scott

    Yea….we’re the losers with 17 banners. Bitch.

  • LakersBlow

    Just shows that Lakers act like little girls. Don’t punch him, Matt. Slap him.

  • KY Celts fan

    Nick, where ya at? Where’s the defense?

  • hwood

    LOL this is the same exact site where hundreds of celtics fans this summer were begging Danny to get Barnes! LOL too bad the lakers got him!!!! LAKERS- BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS AND ESPN’S #1 RANKED NBA FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME

  • Scott

    Dude I love how you keep typing in all caps and referencing ESPN…it’s pretty hilarious. How about this one: Forbes ranked Celtics fans as the best in the NBA.
    Oh, but I’m sure that study has “no credibility” while the ESPN one is the final word on basketball greatness.

  • Scott

    Even funnier is the fact that you read this blog daily. Must suck not having a life and having to troll blogs to entertain yourself.

  • thetitleisours
  • thetitleisours

    Thanks to the ref’s :)))))))

  • DiP

    I don’t know where the rest of you fruits grew up but that coach should have tried to drop barnes the second he did that. He is a p*ssy for allowing himself to be slapped by a man (esp by a Laker and reality star). If I slapped someone and they did nothing about it they are a confirmed p*ssy for life and there is no argument otherwise.

  • lainok

    I’m a laker fan, and Matt Barnes is a bitch. I’ve always hated him. I can’t believe I have to watch a hundred games of that fucking ass clown in purple and gold this year.

  • I can’t stand Matt Barnes. It is ridiculous that the Magic started him at small forward instead of Lewis, who they made play out of his natural position and at power forward, just so he could take us space, miss three pointers, and shove people once in a while. When he shoved KG, Van Gundy almost ended up on the injured reserve.

  • Joseph

    “Thanks to the refs” Typical b*tch reply from crying Boston fans.

  • Joseph

    Well seeing how Forbes is a business publication, it would make more sense to look at who they rank as the most valuable team in the NBA. And that would be the LAKERS
    And yea, ESPN is a sports network so I think they have a slight edge on SPORTS credibility than Forbes magazine.

  • thetitleisours

    Kobe is Mr Everything, We lost only because of Bydumb is typical b*tch cries from Faker fans

  • Lee in Oregon

    No disrespect to our man Nick, but Barnes slapping dudes, his fireman mustache, his skank wife……it’s all an attempt to get pub for an otherwise mediocre career as a journeyman who plays for minimun deals.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I forgot something….worst tats in the NBA