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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s are taking Shaq’s word for it

Shaq intro

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“We expect him to play a role off our bench,” Ainge said. “Shaquille has
discussed those issues [with us]. He’s made it clear that they won’t
become issues. We’re trusting him that they won’t be and he’ll play a
role that is different than any role that he’s played in his career.”


“I told him there was not 30 minutes on this team,” Rivers said. “There
will be 20-25 minutes. I asked him if that was OK because that’s the
only way it will work. We talked about coming off the bench. It’s very
important when you get a guy like Shaq to be up front and honest and
tell him where you see he’ll be. If he can accept that he’ll fit our

WEEI/Flannery: After Shaq, What?  Questions and Answers for the Celtics

I'm hoping this is the LAST time we have to deal with this question. 

Doc Rivers, if nothing else, connects with players.  The Celtics could not be any more clear about what they need from Shaq.  And listening to Shaq yesterday, he seems to be fully on board.  Kevin Garnett flew back from freakin' HAWAII to show Shaq how much the team appreciates and supports him.

This hasn't been written in ink or permanent marker… it's been chiseled into granite.  Shaq is coming off the bench.

Of course, that won't stop Shaq from trying to play like he's trying to take the starting job.  That won't stop Shaq from trying to prove in preseason and practice that he's worthy of starting.  But this is about doing what's best for the team… and this team needs a post presence off the bench that, when all else fails, you can give the ball to and maybe let something happen. 

We all know damn well this is 38 year old Shaq and not the guy that was ripping backboards off.  But when things get hectic and the second unit is running a little haphazardly, you can at least give him the ball and let him work and calm things down. 

So let's all relax and accept that Shaq understands what he'll be doing.  

On Page 2, Big Baby has lost his goddam mind

Reuters Photo

You know… I was gonna write "Oh please let the season start"… but that's not going to stop this guy. 

Baby was made for Twitter… and Twitter was made for Baby.

And please… PLEASE… don't give me the "he should be working on his game" stuff.  This is 5 minutes out of his day.  You don't know if he spent 6 hours in the gym before this.  You go to work for 8 or 9 hours (or more) a day and you have time to come home and chill, right?

But Baby… please, buddy… know the words before you try to lip sync.  It's a basic requirement.

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  • Josh

    So I randomly flipped to NBA TV last night and Donny Marshall was one of the hosts (did he leave CSN?) and they had a phone interview with Shaq. They asked what the Celtics should expect from him this year. He said 28 minutes and good hustle (or something along those lines), but he definitely said 28 minutes.
    Shaq didn’t want to end the call and was forcing them to ask him more questions. At one point they got onto the nicknames and ‘the big clam chowder’ was suggested. Shaq said no to that because he doesn’t like clam chowder…so that might put an end to the reds army sponsored chowder eat-off.

  • Luke Walton

    18-28 minutes.
    Shaq will be fine.
    He’ll come in for 10 minutes or so per half and be a beast.
    T’will be interesting.


    The energy for the Celtics second unit next year is going to be incredible. For those slow games once in a while when the starters just all look out of it and aren’t getting it done, the bench is going to bring a spark and keep them in the game. Nate, Baby, and Shaq.. maybe even Bradley will headline the C’s bench, and don’t think for a second that Doc will bench those guys after 5 minutes if they are the ones taking over the game and leading the Celtics to a win.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I still dont trust Baby. Punching his so called buddy in the face and missing 2 months took less than 5 minutes.

  • Scott

    Big Baby is one weird dude.

  • KG

    With shaq on board…i can see the celts winning 10 straight…we have von wafer, avery bradley, harangody who is also a good post up player, nate, and a whole bunch of players who can contribute
    the celtics are going to have fresh legs every 10-20 minutes

  • nicole ferraaz

    shaq rock

  • Joseph

    In a few months, you guys will learn that Shaq is all talk.

  • jared

    I actually think Shaq gets what it means to play for the Celtics. Does anyone remember when he said (way back) that he would have loved to play for the Celtics. Hes going out with us, and he will try his hardest to leave the pro game with a bang. And if not, well, we got options. Im actually excited about this, after feeling for a week like this could be a serious clusterfuck.