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Your Morning Dump… Where Jeff Van Gundy gives the Celtics a chance

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"Erik Spoelstra is a heck of a coach, so they're going to be
motivated to play well defensively, which is about coaching, and
offensively they're going to be an absolute nightmare to deal with," Van
Gundy said on ESPN 1000. "If LeBron James
can win 66 games in the regular season with the guys he played with,
who I think are better than people have given them credit for in
Cleveland, then I think you add Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Mike Miller, it's not a stretch to say they can win six more."

Gundy backed off — slightly — from his claim that the Lakers are the
only team that could beat the Heat in a playoff series.

"I think Boston — with the [Shaquille] O'Neal
signing — has a legitimate chance as well," he said. "But I think
those are the only two teams that have a chance in a playoff series to
beat them."

"I think you've got Miami, and you have Boston just a notch below them,"
he said. "Orlando would have to be right below them, then I think
Atlanta's a very good team.

ESPN – Chicago

Nice to see Van Gundy come around on the Celtics, but is Shaq rally the difference maker?

Speaking of Shaq, the Celtics will hold a formal press conference with him at 10:30am. This should be fun.

On Page 2, the dates of the Celtics/Lakers games have been released.

It will be against The Big Turncoat. The Big We Hate You Even More. The Big How Could Play For Them?

Yep, you got it.

Shaquille O'Neal will come to town with the dreaded and hated Boston Celtics on Jan. 30 to face Kobe Bryantand  friends at Staples Center, NBA sources told The Times. The Lakers will play at Boston on Feb. 10.

The NBA will announce its complete schedule Tuesday.

LA Times

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  • Luke Walton

    Sure Shaq is a difference maker.
    Is there a better center coming off the bench in the NBA?
    Did the celtics have a low post scoring option last year?
    Did they have anyone who could rebound worth a shit last year?

  • Dutchgreen

    Tells you all you need to know about the Lakers’ fans and LA media, really, to see them going all Lebron on Shaq, who just happens to be one of the 10 (maybe 5) greatest players ever to put on that mess of a color set they wear out there.
    But anyway, HOW long until the season starts? Me wants revenge for the Green!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Shaq is a huge difference maker IMO. I think you put him on this squad in game 7 and we come out on top. He may not personally put up big stats but his size alone takes up SO much room and bumps people right out of the paint leaving rebounds open for our other players. and he provides guys like rondo a big man who can go right up and finish on people strong where we have been lacking. and he’s gonna get opposing teams in foul trouble quickly. All these things equate to positives on the team as a whole and winning. I just think this cannot be overlooked when facing teams like the Lakers and the Magic where their size is so important to them.


    Van Gundy might as well just be another LeBron obsessed fan conditioned to love and respect “King James” by the media, talking about how dominant this Heat team will be without them having proved a thing yet. Yes, Shaq will help the Celtics beat them… but NO way would they get steam-rolled without him. Rondo will still be Rondo, and will constantly have great options to dish the ball in or out to all the time, and the Heat still have to come together as a team to stand a chance against teams like the Celtics, who actually went all the way to Europe to ensure they’d come together properly and not just be a bunch of stars arguing on and off the court. Better yet, say Wade gets injured again… The Heat offense will become the Cavs offense as Chalmers tries to feed LeBron the ball, and Bosh becomes about as important as Jamison became in Cleveland… James might also chip a finger nail and sit out 10 games. The Heat will be good, but have A LOT to prove before any win records start pouring in.