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Sheed resolution “sooner rather than later”


So much for the C's using Sheed's contract to bring in some help.  Today, Danny Ainge made it sound like they're just going to let him walk away.

"It is probably going to be resolved sooner rather than later," Ainge said on a conference call following Shaquille O'Neal's
introduction. "I expect it to be done before training camp. We have
looked at trade possibilities throughout the summer and will continue to
look at those, but it will likely all be resolved shortly."

Reading between the lines, it appears the Celtics haven't found a
deal that interests them this offseason and, with a maxed out roster at
15 players under contract for the 2010-11 season following Tuesday's
signing of Luke Harangody, the team will likely move to open a valuable
spot to sign one more veteran player.

So there it is.  Forget the trades… they're probably just gonna sign someone.

Both Ainge and Rivers suggested they'd like to add another shooter to
the roster, adding some depth at a swingman spot that remains the team's
biggest area of need following the departure of
Tony Allen. Von Wafer and Marquis Daniels are all that's behind Ray Allen and Paul Pierce on the depth chart at shooting guard/small forward.

"We'd like to get a [shooting guard], we'd like to get one more
shooter," said Rivers. "Von's a hell of a shooter and that's good for
us, but we'd love to get another veteran shooter."

Rivers waited a beat before adding a punchline, "Preferably one under 38."

Which, this year, means someone who's 36. 

And while I'm certainly not one to question the C's moves… they certainly make plenty of sense.  I suppose the one thing I've been wondering is whether a player exists somewhere in the D-League with a specific enough skill set to fit in this system and has some more dependable legs.

I dunno… that's just me thinking out loud… which is something that has gotten me into a ton of trouble in the past so I'm just gonna stop.

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  • chuck

    do I smell the return of the great Delonte West?

  • Scott

    Honestly, this seems like a missed opportunity for the C’s…especially given how many teams were looking to clear cap space earlier on this summer. There aren’t many (any, really) legit options at the wing left on the market.

  • greenbeand

    trade Sheed and 1st to Denver for JR Smith 🙂

  • Lakerhater

    Sheeds contract for james posey. Shooter, respectable wing, tough defender.

  • Shmulie

    Is there any feasible financial way to ship Sheed’s contract and maybe a pick for Rip Hamilton? He’s making a little over 11mil so I doubt it, but thought I’d throw it out there. Ray would probably snicker at this post…

  • Remember we let Posey go because Danny didn’t want to pay him at this point in his career and he thought the price was too high.
    I don’t think Pose has done anything to change that.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    This is my favorite deal, and it seems possible. Denver needs to clear some room to bring in an all-star to keep Carmello put.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I would love Prince, but at 11 mil, i don’t know how we could to it.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Get Rudy! I dont get why this move isnt getting done. Portland still wants to move him, he makes peanuts, and they’ll take a 1st rounder for him.
    The guy shoots better than Von or Smith in Denver (NOT a fan) and can play 3 spots (INCLUDING backing up Rondo better than anyone on the roster). WTF?

  • Rudy makes $1.5 million. Sheed’s deal is worth $6.5.
    So they might want to move him… and we might want to move Sheed’s contract… but they don’t want to give up anything that will make the money match… so that’s a no-go.

  • Lakerhater

    I see your point but the money is closer than anything else be rattled around. It would seem to give an expiring contract for next year as well. Probably won’t happen, but he did a hell of a job backing up pierce last time. The market has valued up a bit since Danny said no but also remember it was the length (3yrs) that Danny got hung up on.

  • greenbeand

    plus they just brought in Al Harrington and JR isn’t exactly on great terms with nuggets management. Do It Danny!!

  • #36