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Shaq doesn’t know who Luke Harangody is

Shaq jersey
(comcast sports net screen capture)

So Shaq is officially a Celtic and everyone has gotten a chance to hear from the Big (insert new nickname here).  We were all waiting for a funny moment from Shaq… and he delivered.  But it wasn't the way we thought he would. 

In the middle of the news conference, the C's announced the official signing of Luke Harangody (a 2 yr, $1.3 mil guaranteed deal)… Shaq leans over to Doc and says "who's that?"  In fact, reader Section328 has already transcribed it.

Shaq: [turning to Doc] Who is that?
Doc: Rookie from Notre Dame.
Shaq: Guard or big man?
Doc: Big man.
Shaq: Big man. Oh.

Too good. 

You can run through our live blog for more quotes from Shaq.  He was pretty reserved in this one… but he did pretty much say all the right things.  

Shaq… welcome aboard.  We look forward to you meeting Luke Harangody.

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  • rob

    Shaq: “This isn’t my size”
    Doc: “If it doesn’t fit by October, that bowtie will get more playing time than you do, fat boy”

  • thetitleisours

    I am sure he will avoid the “High-Fives” with Glen Davis

  • Luke Walton

    What was the question to which Shaq answered “doc rivers.”
    Main reason you are here???