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Shaq Vs. Celtics… As A Rookie

For old times sake, we’re going to take a quick ride on Doctor Emmitt Brown’s DeLorean all the way back to April of 1993.  Newest Celtic Shaquille O’Neal was a svelte rookie playing for the Orlando Magic, hosting the Celtics in a late season game.  The Celtics had just come off a thrilling victory against the Miami Heat, led by Reggie Lewis.  The C’s must have partied a bit too hard on South Beach that night because they looked real sluggish in this game.

Watch the likes of Reggie Lewis, Dee Brown, Xavier McDaniel, Kevin Gamble (least Celtic to wear #34 before Paul Pierce), Robert Parish and Alaa Abdelanby (starting for the injured Kevin McHale) go up against rookie Shaq.  One of the best parts of this video is listening to Tommy Heinsohn do play-by-play and Bob Cousy provide the color commentary.  It also features Jimmy Myers providing the Fox25 halftime report, which has a brief snippet of Danny Ainge lobbying his teammate, Charles Barkley, for MVP.  Enjoy.

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  • green8teen

    hahaha those commercials are just awesome!

  • ILG

    Ahh Reggie Lewis. What could have been.

  • Boston Man

    That guy in the Subaru commercial reminds me of Vince the Shamwow guy

  • that impreza looked like a piece of junk brand new!

  • Orb

    Oh man, that put me on the couch in front of my 17″ tv in Somerville (by the way, that Subaru guy was the actor who ended up playing as the math dude in LOST a generation later) drinking cans of American beer. Were those armbands for Johnny Most?
    While we’re in the wayback machine, that reminded me of a fantastic Scott Skiles story. Near the end of that season, and the end of an Orlando practice, Shaq was feeling it and started screaming that he was unstoppable and the greatest in the NBA and that nobody could touch him. Out of nowhere, Skiles jumped him and took him down to the floor, just to prove the rook had more to learn. Always respected Skiles for that story.

  • Thuddahman

    The guy in the subaru commercial is the guy who does the state farm commercials on tv right now

  • Amazing how svelte Dennis Scott and Shaq look lol.

  • Oh and Reggie Hanson and Frank Brickowski wore #34 between Gamble and Pierce