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Your Morning Dump… Is there tension between Shaq and Perk?

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It's somewhat interesting that Perkins declined comment on Shaq. Perkins
and O'Neal went to war during the Eastern Conference semifinals when
Boston knocked Shaq,
LeBron James, and the top-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers out of the postseason in six games.

Perkins name was omitted from the list of players Shaq mentioned in a
quote in a press release to announce his signing. To be fair, it's not
like he could thank the entire 15-man roster, and the ones he did point
to are likely to comprise the starting 5 at the beginning of the 2010-11

ESPN Boston

The answer to the headline is… yes. But I doubt it's anything that will affect team chemistry.

Perkins is probably miffed the Celtics went out and signed another center. Like most athletes, he's full of pride and believes he'll be back from injury sooner rather than later.

On Page 2, proof Brian Scalabrine is a really good guy.

Scalabrine said he has had some conversations with the Celtics, but
the club has been busy retooling its bench and is running out of roster

"The thing you have to realize is I don't sweat things out of my
control," he said. "I am not doing this (community event) to get signed.
I am not feeding children to be signed. I am feeding children because
children need to be fed.

"Based on this year, I knew I would have to be patient. If I had to
go to Europe and play I will go do Europe and play. My kids are going to
go to great schools in Europe and they are going to learn the culture
over there and take it as a learning experience and 10 years from now, I
am going to call back and say, 'remember when we lived in Barcelona for
three years?'"

Globe – Scal wants to stay in NBA

We've poked fun at Scal many, many times over the years, but he's a good guy. I don't see any way he re-signs with the Celtics. We wish him luck.

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  • NineSevenEight

    From an optimist’s standpoint, Shaq mentioned everyone on the Celtics that has played on an All-Star team in his comments.
    Obviously, it’s an omission of Perk from a pessimist’s view.
    I’m sure Perk feels somewhat slighted, but he shouldn’t be worried about a guy that’s on his way out of the league taking over his spot.
    It’ll take time, but Perk will have to learn patience.

  • G4L

    The Shaq and Perk thing is a no issue. If that were the case Perk would not get along with any of the Celtics big men.. why you ask? I’ll tell you.
    Right before KG became a Celtic Perk & KG had a couple shouting matches in games in which you would of thought they hated eachother. This worked out fine!
    Rasheed Wallace was the one that said the Celtics have no Center in Perkins & they would scuffle a bit. This worked out fine!
    J-O’neal & Perk are almost always getting in altercation when the match up.. Mike Gorman is always saying how these two hate eachother & its always an intense matchup & I havent heard anything bad from these two since the signing!
    Shaq laid into Perk with some elbows & Perk took exception to it just like he does to everyone else & he talked some smack. When have you ever known Perk to back down from anyone.
    SO.. Shaq and Perk will be fine if anything J-O’neal & Perk are the ones who are going to clash, but I dont see that happening because of all the other examples. I mean Perk doesn’t really make friends on the court, of the court is a different issue.

  • NineSevenEight

    +1. Plus from what everyone says, Perk might be one of the nicest guys off the court even though his on court game says otherwise.

  • Josh

    Make Scal Tyrone Lue’s assistant so we can keep him around and on the bench. We need to keep him for the local radio interviews.

  • john

    Jared Jeffries for Sheed’s contract? Overpayed but only one year left on his deal. Also, excellent at help defense and at taking charges. Good size.

  • thetitleisours

    Not to change the subject but I thought you might find this amusing.
    Ranked #6 on the worse places to live lol
    “If you don’t really care about breathing, Los Angeles is a great place. The metro area that stretches from Long Beach to Riverside has the worst ozone pollution in the country, according to the American Lung Association’s State of the Air report for 2010. Along with being tops in ozone pollution, L.A. is ranked third in year-round particle pollution, and fourth in short-term particle pollution.”

  • Bas Rutten Jr.


  • I bleed green in L.A.

    The smog is ok, it’s the traffic that’ll test your patience. Earthquakes, fires, people with attitudes AND DUMB ASS LAKER FANS! The rest, pretty nice.
    The Knicks just signed Roger Mason to 1.4 mil? I would’ve rather had him than Von Wafer (OR Rudy).

  • Joseph

    Then leave. I’m sure no one in L.A. would give a sh*t
    BTW: This is just the start of the Shaq drama. He’s not known as the “Big B*tch” for nothing.
    Oh yea, he’s also going to get injured and make a big deal of it (and it will probably be some small injury). Remember, Shaq is the same man that said, “I get injured on company time, I heal on company time”.

  • thetitleisours

    I have been to LA and SD and have a relative there. I liked SD. I have to admit that I found most things about LA as very “shallow”. For example, you could see someone driving who was obviously not rich, but had to have the expensive car even if it was old and rusty. Labels and appearance meant more than substance from what I could see. But the vegetation is all brown. But I admit I was only there a week.
    The SD Zoo was cool, and I enjoyed the view from Griffith Observatory.

  • Scott

    You would rather have Roger Mason than Rudy Fernandez? Very questionable.

  • Scott

    literally no one calls him the big bitch.

  • michael

    Mason was on my pre-Von wish list. He’s a steal for the minimum. Still excited to see Von.
    As for the odd comments about pollution and luxury brand cars in LA… yes it’s smoggy, but so are beautiful cities like Seattle. Seattle just gets more weather so it gets flushed out faster. I personally think the whole Long Beach – Riverside corridor is a pit of filth, but whatever. As for the older model luxury cars, they last longer there because they don’t have snow plows & salt creating potholes and corrosion. So why not have a Benz.

  • thebleeptruth

    Wow I actually got to read that article and never really realized any issue until it was brought up again here in redsarmy. IMO I think Shaq did it on purpose. It should be obvious that if he were to list 5 people, it should be the original starting 5. I’m with Perk all the way. I’m not sold on Shaq until he really contributes in a big way.