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Not even Obama could get a hold of Doc after Game 7

Via the Orlando Sentinel:

His Boston Celtics had just lost Game 7 of the NBA Finals. It was the
morning after, and the team was ready to board a private get to go back
home. His cell phone kept buzzing. It was a 202 area code. Washington,

Doc assumed that it was Stan Kasten, an executive with the Atlanta
Hawks during Doc’s playing days there. Kasten is now president of the
Washington Nationals baseball team.

The phone buzzed again. Same number. Doc turned it off and settled in for the long ride.

Back in Boston, the phone buzzed again. It was a programmed number _
Kasten. May as well pick it up and hear the attaboy condolences from his

“Doc, hold on, I have a friend who wants to say hello.” He gave the phone to the guy next to him.

“Doc this is President Obama. I guess I can’t get you to pick up the phone,” he said.

Can't blame Doc for not answering the phone. I didn't want to deal with my family after that loss, never mind a random call from the 202.

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  • Hank Finkel

    Isn’t “O’Neal” an Irish name?
    Course, you can’t really make too many jokes on this front, cuz you just conjure up conversations about slave owners and such.
    Still, kind of funny the Irish have two black guys named O’Neal.

  • zippittyay

    hopefully they work out better than Patrick O’Bryant did… 🙂

  • Kristovar

    I lost friendships after that game. My feelings were too strong to discuss it. I still can’t talk about it. It hurts almost as much as the Giants/Pats SB. I dream about it. It haunts me.

  • Joseph

    I love the fact that the Lakers have given Boston Suckdic fans so much pain. It feels great!!!!